Hold onto your SPF 50, ladies and gentlemen, ’cause here they come: the hottest months of the year. And bringing that heat down upon is the sun in all of its UV-ray power. From the burned-in-under-a-minute fair skinned to those who can soak it in and turn into a bronzed beauty, we all could, probably should (oh and already have) looked at a plethora of sunscreen guidelines. But rather than slathering yourself in sunblock and just hoping for the best, let’s throw some technology into this equation.

Back in January, we alerted you to Netatmo June, and now that the rays are in full-force, it’s worth taking a second look. This female-focused bracelet offers both fashion and function, all while doing a body good. This little gadget not only looks like a piece of jewelry that we would actually buy if it did nothing other than add more bling to our arm party, but it tracks your UV exposure while you soak up the sun and informs you via an app when to reapply sunscreen.

Designed by French jewelry designer, Camille Toupet, who’s worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Cartier, this hot piece of technology looks like an edgy cut diamond on a black leather strap. Crafted with women in mind, The June is the first of its fashion-friendly kind. Made of alloy metal, June comes in gold, platinum and gunmetal and can be worn as a bracelet or brooch.

The June reads the environment’s UV rays and provides tailored suggestions via its corresponding app. Not only does the app spit out what the UV index is for the day while calculating your max daily sunsoaking exposure, it also provides you with SPF updates, when to reapply SPF and when to slip on those shades. Like a nagging caring mother, instant push notifications are delivered to your phone reminding you of the ever increasing dangers of sun exposure.

The June is currently priced at $50 and is an overall great sun-protected step in the right direction. The only major drawback is that it’s not waterproof. So please get on that, Natamo, ’cause sometimes a girl needs to hit the waves. Slathered in waterproof SPF, of course.

Pick one up here.

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