Thanks to memes and viral content, options for Halloween costumes have expanded outside of pop culture-related looks drawn solely from TV, movies and music. Just this past week alone we’ve gotten inspiration for Halloween attire courtesy of the new Snapchat filters and the fashionable photo that sparked debates across the Internet, #TheDress. Now the latest term du jour, “Netflix and chill,” has been transformed into a contest-winning costume. We’re finding it very hard to find our chill after getting a peek at this genius Netflix outfit.

netflix and chill halloween costume

Though this Netflix-inspired look, shared by Imgur user vrpowell2000, is actually his “new Tinder pic” (not subtle, huh?), we can’t help but be inspired to recreate this DIY-friendly outfit for an instantly unforgettable Halloween couples costume, even.

With the debut of a “Netflix and chill” button, the tease of a dating app and plenty of N+C costumes sure to be hitting Halloween parties this season, it’s clear this Urban Dictionary-phrase is here to stay. Whether you’re chill with it or not ;)

Now go make your own Netflix meme Halloween costume, you know you want to!

Are you thinking about going as “Netflix and chill” for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via vrpowell2000/Imgur)