Buffering is the bane of 21st-century streaming existence. Is there any first-world problem more frustrating than being in the middle of a juicy bit of your favorite binge watch just to have your internet connection putter out on you? For those who just want to watch their favorite shows without interruption, here are a few ways you can stop the dreaded buffer.


Before you do anything, check your internet speed. We recommend using Netflix’s Fast service or SpeedTest. Depending on how fast your internet connection is, you may find out that you need to stream at a lower quality. Check out Netflix’s speed recommendations to figure out what quality you should be streaming at.

But say you know that you’re paying for faster internet than what you’re getting. In that case, you should try connecting your computer to your router via ethernet cable and test the speed of your internet connection again. If, even while wired, you aren’t getting the connection you pay for, it’s time to dial up customer service and figure out what’s happening. But if your internet speed is up to snuff via cable, you have to improve your Wi-Fi strength.

Your WiFi router relies on location. You can try moving it around your house — try somewhere where walls, metal or equipment don’t obstruct the signal — to find a better connection. Try placing it in the middle of your house so you have a strong connection on both sides. And place the antenna straight up in the air, not tilted to the side. You’ll also get better reception if you place your router on a desk or table and not directly on the floor.

Finally, there’s one last trick. If your internet speed is good and there don’t seem to be any problems with your connection, you could be maxing out your connection with lots of different programs. Or maybe someone else in your house is also streaming at the same time. In this case, you’ll have to close out any programs besides what you’re trying to watch — or you’re going to have to have a long conversation about who can watch their programs when. It’s all about establishing a schedule, people. (Or finding a show that everybody in the house can enjoy together.)

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