As December kicks off, we have officially entered the season the general public tends to refer to as “the holidays.” Personally, I call it “that month when it becomes socially acceptable for me to watch a truly exorbitant amount of deliciously terrible movies.” My top viewing priority this year: Netflix’s sequel to last year’s cinematic masterpiece A Christmas Prince. In A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, Amber officially makes the move to snowy Aldovia to marry the country’s newly-crowned king, only to realize that life as a royal isn’t quite as casual as those Converse sneakers she loves so much. Here are 30 thoughts I had while spending another Christmas in Aldovia. Spoilers ahead.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

1. What I wouldn’t give for Kensington Palace to allow Meghan Markle to blog.

2. Are you telling me the prince flies United?! Stars, they’re just like us.

3. I’m still not sold on Amber’s engagement ring, if I’m being honest.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

4. Amber’s dad is me in the back of any Uber with snacks.

5. Amber, maybe you could have given dear old dad a brief on how to greet royals?

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

6. Okay, wow. That was way harsh, Tai Amber.

7. Cortney sure thinks this whole Sahil the “wedding designer” referring to himself in the third person thing is going to get old fast.

8. Richard telling Amber he thinks the “wedding preparations are gonna keep her occupied” seems a little… sexist?

9. I’m getting some serious “Joe from Princess Diaries” vibes from Mr. Zabala.

10. Dear Santa, I would like Amber’s silk pajama situation, please.

11. Do you think Meghan Markle is vegging out in her new house with a face mask on, like, “Okay, Netflix, let’s see how you did.”

12. More Christmas stories like this insane Aldovian ogre fairytale, please and thank you.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding tom

13. TOM. What a little sweetie!!

14. Someone tell cousin Simon his hair does not look sexier pushed back.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding king game of thrones

15. Who knew that Richard’s father is Davos from Game of Thrones. This is certainly a crossover I didn’t see coming. (Photo via Netflix and HBO)

16. Princess Emily telling Simon, “I take offense to you,” is truly everything.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

17. Okay, now THIS is a winter activity I can get on board with.

18. Amber: “Finding the perfect tree is like finding the perfect man.” Me: This year, I picked out a $25 tree and it has a full chunk missing from the bottom. So, hmm…

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

19. This toboggan scene weirdly feels like some kind of drug trip.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

20. Amber has the most mom-like photo stance I’ve ever seen.

21. Mr. Zabala’s side eye is truly on point.

22. Honestly, I think Richard telling Amber to “keep calm and carry on” is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone use that saying in an actual conversation.

23. This stealth scene for the angry Christmas card seems… unnecessary? Does Amber really have to sneak into her own living room?

a christmas prince: the royal wedding

24. Amber’s incognito look sure looks a lot like me hungover on a Sunday.

25. Wow, okay, here we go again with Amber’s notes.

26. Princess Emily, the royal hacker? I’m into it.

a christmas prince: the royal wedding


a christmas prince: the royal wedding

28. Proposal for A Christmas Prince 3: It’s 15 years later and Emily and Tom are now the ones getting married. Someone feel free to pass along this pitch to the Netflix execs.

29. Proposal for all movies ever: A blooper reel is always a good idea.

30. Okay, on a scale of delightfully bad to just plain bad, this sequel admittedly leans a little towards the latter. That being said, I will definitely be watching again before December is over. Next time with more booze.

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(photos via Netflix)