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Everything You Need to Know About Hallmark’s 2018 Countdown to Christmas Movies

One of our favorite holiday season traditions is cozying up in front of the TV for the Hallmark Channel's fluffy and feel-good Christmas movies. This year, between the Hallmark Channel and its sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, a record 36 new original flicks will hit the small screen, kicking off before Halloween — which means two whole months to get into the holiday spirit. Click through to find out everything you need to know about Hallmark's 2018 original Christmas movies. We'll be updating this slideshow as more photos are released, but you can also see the full schedule here. (Photos via Crown Media)

Christmas at Pemberley (Hallmark Channel, October 27, 8pm ET): Elizabeth (Jessica Lowndes) is a New York event planner sent to plan a small town's holiday festival. Her ideal venue is owned and in the process of being sold by a jaded billionaire, William Darcy (Michael Rady), but she might just revive his Christmas spirit. (Photo via Robert Clark/Crown Media)

Christmas Joy (Hallmark Channel, November 3, 8pm ET): Joy (Danielle Panabaker) is an ambitious career woman who must return home to North Carolina at an inopportune time to be by her aunt's side as she undergoes surgery. While there, she reunites with her former crush, now hospital administrator Ben (Matt Long). As they work together to cover for Joy's aunt in running the town's annual Cookie Crawl, their old feelings return. (Photo via Eike Schroter/Crown Media)

Road to Christmas (Hallmark Channel, November 4, 8pm ET): Maggie (Jessy Schram) is an LA TV producer falling for fellow producer Danny (Chad Michael Murray), who comes from a TV family. When Maggie's secret plan to reunite Danny and his family during a live broadcast goes wrong, she's reminded that family is what truly makes the holidays special. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Marrying Father Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 4, 9pm ET): After setting out to find her biological father, Miranda (Erin Krakow) also found something she wasn't expecting: the love of her life (Niall Matter). As she prepares for her Christmas dream wedding, a mysterious person who claims to have known her late parents reaches out, and she must decide whether to include them in the most important day of her life. (Photo via Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media)

It’s Christmas, Eve (Hallmark Channel, November 10, 8pm ET): Eve (LeAnn Rimes) is a school superintendent who finds herself in a bind when she must cut the music program run by her handsome neighbor Liam (Tyler Hynes). To help, she recruits her friend to help launch a fundraising website for the program — and that launches a romance between her and Liam, too. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Christmas in Love (Hallmark Channel, November 11, 8pm ET): Small-town bakery employee Ellie (Brooke D'Orsay) finds herself up against the company's big-city CEO, Nick (Daniel Lissing), who plans to automate the business and eliminate jobs in the process. Though she feels she's been successful in convincing him it's the people that make the company, not the machines, she discovers his real plans and feels betrayed. Ellie must now decide whether to trust Nick, or take a leap of faith in realizing her own creative dreams. (Photo via Shane Mahood/Crown Media)

A Veteran's Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 11, 9pm ET): Captain Grace Garland (Eloise Mumford) returns home after two tours of Search and Rescue in Afghanistan, missing her K9 partner and finding herself lacking the Christmas spirit. When she finds herself stranded in a small town a couple of weeks before Christmas, the local judge, Joe Peterson (Sean Faris), offers her a place to stay — and a glimpse at what true happiness could look like. (Photo via Shane Mahood/Crown Media)

Christmas at Graceland (Hallmark Channel, November 17, 8pm ET): Laurel (Kellie Pickler) is on the fast-track to executive success when she returns to Memphis on business and reunites with her old flame Clay (Wes Brown). Can he convince her to leave the business world behind and go back to their days as a musical duo on the brink of stardom? (Photo via Katherine Bomboy/Crown Media)

Return to Christmas Creek (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 17, 9pm ET): Amelia (Tori Anderson) is a career-focused Chicago app developer who's lacking in holiday spirit as Christmas approaches. When she returns to her small hometown for the holidays, she reunites with her childhood best friend Mike (Stephen Huszar), and starts to learn what the season is really all about. (Photo via Shane Mahood/Crown Media)

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (Hallmark Channel, November 18, 8pm ET): Lisa (Jill Wagner) takes a last-minute Christmas trip to her hometown of Evergreen, where she decides to use her retail design skills to restore and reopen the town's historic general store. As she works with local contractor Kevin (Mark Deklin) to get the job done, and to finally deliver an uncovered 25-year-old letter to the North Pole, Lisa finds herself falling for Kevin, as well as for the homey and traditional town of Evergreen. (Photo via David Owen Strongman/Crown Media)

A Godwink Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 18, 9pm ET): When antique appraiser Paula (Kimberley Sustad) reluctantly accepts a proposal from her all-business attorney boyfriend, her aunt Jane invites Paula to Nantucket to get some perspective on her life. Once there, Paula meets and falls for charming inn owner Gery (Paul Campbell). But when her fiancé shows up unannounced, she decides to go ahead with their marriage. Soon, she's questioning their compatibility all over again as her aunt devises a plan to bring her and Gery together once and for all. (Photo via Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

Last Vermont Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 19, 9pm ET): Every year, sisters Megan (Erin Cahill), Bethany (Rachel Rhodes-Devey), and Audrey (Catherine Corcoran) reunite for the holidays in their childhood home. Only this year, their parents have put the house up for sale — and the buyer is Megan's childhood sweetheart Nash (Justin Bruening). (Photo via Mar Vista Entertainment)

Hope at Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 20, 9pm ET): When recently divorced Sydney (Scottie Thompson) returns to the small town where she spent the holidays as a child, she meets a teacher, Mac (Ryan Paevey), at the local bookstore. Mac also happens to fill in for the town Santa, trying to grant Christmas wishes to those who need it, and this year, his focus is on Sydney. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Reunited at Christmas (Hallmark Channel, November 21, 8pm ET): Novelist Samantha (Nikki DeLoach) is struggling with writer's block when she and her boyfriend (Mike Faiola) head home to her late grandmother’s house for the holidays. While there with her family, she finds comfort in her grandmother's wise words when she needs it most. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Christmas at the Palace (Hallmark Channel, November 22, 8pm ET): Katie (Merritt Patterson) is a former professional ice skater who has been hired by the king of San Senova, Alexander (Andrew Cooper), to help his daughter in a Christmas skating pageant. As they spend more time together, Katie and Alex fall for each other — but can they live happily ever after? (Photo via Cos Aelenei/Crown Media)

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe (Hallmark Channel, November 23, 8pm ET): Lacey Chabert plays Darcy, a hard-working woman who has achieved success on her own terms, despite it causing a rift between her and her business-owning father. When she returns home for Christmas, Darcy reconnects with her old rival Luke (Brendan Penny). As they spend time together planning a charity event, she starts to realize what really matters in life and sets out to heal her relationship with her father — and start a new one with Luke. (Photo via Shane Mahood/Crown Media)

Christmas Everlasting (Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Hall of Fame, November 24, 8pm ET): After Lucy (Tatyana Ali) unexpectedly loses her sister, she returns home to Wisconsin to handle the estate. While there and in the depths of her grief, she runs into her old high school sweetheart Peter (Dondre Whitfield) — her sister's former attorney — and finds out that in order to inherit the family home, she must stay there for a month, through the holidays. It couldn't be worse timing. Lucy was just about to be made partner at a law firm after years of hard work, but she might just get something even better if she stays. (Photo via Brian Douglas/Crown Media)

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, November 24, 9pm ET): After their parents' death, Emma (Alicia Witt) and her siblings decide to sell the house where they grew up, but not before gathering for one last Christmas. As they sift through their parents' things, Emma finds a hidden surprise that helps her discover the importance of family during the holidays — and brings her closer to antiques dealer Morgan (Colin Ferguson). (Photo via Tilly Blair/Crown Media)

A Shoe Addict's Christmas (Hallmark Channel, November 25, 8pm ET): Hallmark regular Candace Cameron Bure plays Noelle, a down-on-her-luck department store employee who is visited by a "guardian angel." Soon, Noelle finds herself revisiting Christmases past every time she tries on a new pair of shoes — all while working alongside her new neighbor (Luke Macfarlane), who happens to be a handsome, Christmas-loving firefighter, to plan the annual Christmas Charity Gala. Through glimpses at her past and her future, Noelle learns that they only thing stopping her from living her dream life is herself. (Photo via Steven Ackerman/Crown Media)

Mingle All the Way (Hallmark Channel, December 1, 8pm ET): Molly (Jen Lilley) is determined to prove to her family that her dating app for busy professionals, Mingle All the Way, is a success. So when she uses it herself, only to be matched with a young ad exec (Brant Daugherty) she's been on disastrous dates with in the past, she decides to stick with him through the holidays. As they spend more time together, they find they might not be as bad together as they originally thought. (Photo Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

Christmas Wonderland (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 1, 9pm ET): Heidi (Emily Osment) is an artist who put her own painting on hold to move to the city and become a successful curator. When she finds herself home in Pleasant Valley to help her family out, she rediscovers her own creativity — as well her old feelings for her high school sweetheart, Chris (Ryan Rottman). (Photo via Brett Colvin/Crown Media)

A Majestic Christmas (Hallmark Channel, December 2, 8pm ET): Nell (Jerrika Hinton) is an architect who has been sent to her hometown to turn the historic Majestic Playhouse theater into a modern multiplex, leaving the annual Christmas event without a home. Making things worse, Nell and the theater's new owner, Connor (Christian Vincent), have clashing ideas over the space. Nell takes it upon herself to educate Connor on the town's Christmas traditions, and convince him to keep some of the old with the new. (Photo via Daniel Haber/Crown Media)

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 2, 9pm ET): Heather (Aimee Teegarden) has just a few months to live without a liver transplant. The odds are against her — but then a kind stranger named Chris hears of her situation and volunteers to get tested. He's a perfect match — maybe in more ways than one. Prepare to cry: This is based on a true story. (Photo via Allen Fraser/Crown Media)

Homegrown Christmas (Hallmark Channel, December 8, 8pm ET): Lori Loughlin plays Maddie, an overworked CEO who steps down from her dream job to head home for the holidays to recalibrate and get perspective. There, she runs into her old high school sweetheart Carter (Victor Webster). As the exes work together to plan the local high school's Christmas dance, they rediscover their old feelings. But Maddie's career might stand in their way. (Photo via Kailey Schwermann/Crown Media)

Memories of Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 8, 9pm ET): When Noelle (Christina Milian) returns to her Michigan hometown to sell her late mother's house, she meets Dave (Mark Taylor), who has taken over organizing the gala first established by her Christmas-obsessed mom. Sparks fly as they spend more time together, but their future — and the future of the town's annual gala — is threatened by plans to sell the lodge that hosts the event. (Photo via Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

Welcome to Christmas (Hallmark Channel, December 9, 8pm ET): When resort developer Madison (Jennifer Finnigan) is sent to Christmas, Colorado, to scout a location for a new ski resort, she doesn't get off to the best start. In fact, she drives right into the town’s welcome sign. The town is intent on convincing her to build there, though, and Madison soon finds herself giving in to its charm — and the charms of the town sheriff (Eric Mabius). (Photo via Allister Foster/Crown Media)

Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 9, 9pm ET): It's the last Friday before Christmas, and a major storm is brewing in NYC. When Cara (Megan Park), a businesswoman in town for a meeting, has her flight home to Tulsa canceled, she ends up traveling with country music star Heath Sawyer (Josh Henderson) — and the two discover they have more in common than they could have expected. This one is based on the song by Blake Shelton and the book by Dorothy Shakleford and Travis Thrasher. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Entertaining Christmas (Hallmark Channel, December 15, 8pm ET): Kara (played by Hallmark favorite Jodie Sweetin) is set to inherit her mother's successful lifestyle brand. But when she's sent on behalf of the company to help a young girl plan a special Christmas party, she gets more than she bargained for. It turns out the girl's uncle (Brendan Fehr) is a journalist digging for his next big story. Will he find something else instead? (Photo via Iden Ford/Crown Media)

Northern Lights of Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 15, 9pm ET): Zoey (Ashley Williams) is close to completing her lifelong goal of getting her pilot's license when she and the handsome ranch hand Alec (Corey Sevier) unexpectedly inherit a reindeer farm. Soon, they find themselves falling for each other, despite their many differences. (Photo via Iden Ford/Crown Media)

A Gingerbread Romance (Hallmark Channel, December 16, 8pm ET): Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardict), an architect, meets Adam (Duane Henry), a professional baker, when her boss enters her in a contest to design and build life-size gingerbread houses. As she spends more time with Adam and his daughter, she finds herself torn between a sense of home and a promotion in Paris. (Photo via Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media)

Small Town Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 16, 9pm ET): Nell (Ashley Newbrough), an author, has a surprise Christmas hit on her hands with her first book. As luck would have it, the last stop on her book tour takes her to the hometown of Emmett (Kristoffer Polaha), who once stood her up for a date. As they reconcile misunderstandings in their past, they bond over what's taken place in the years since. (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

Christmas at Grand Valley (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 22, 9pm ET): Hallmark Channel favorite Danica McKellar plays Kelly, a Chicago who artist to retreats to her picturesque home of Grand Valley to decompress from her city life and career. There, she meets Leo (Brennan Elliott), a widower who's been sent to the town to decide the fate of its beloved lodge. (Photo via Ben Mark Holzberg/Crown Media)

Jingle Around the Clock (Hallmark Channel, December 22, 8pm ET): Elle (Brooke Nevin) is trying to get her old college friends together for a Christmas reunion, but her plans are derailed when she has to take on a last-minute Christmas campaign at work that could lead to a big promotion. She's teamed up with Max (Michael Cassidy), who is applying for the same job. There's more between them than just competition, though. (Photo via Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

Christmas Bells Are Ringing (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, December 23, 9pm ET): Freelance photographer Samantha (Emilie Ullerup) is nervous to return to Cape Cod for the first time since her mother's death years earlier — and for her father's Christmas Eve wedding, no less. But while there, she reconnects with her childhood friend, Mike (Josh Kelly). Can they overcome the time and distance that pulled them apart before? (Photo via Ryan Plummer/Crown Media)

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing (Hallmark Channel, December 25, 8pm ET): The fourth annual When Calls the Heart Christmas movie will feature a group of orphans and their caretakers, who get stuck in Hope Valley at Christmas. Abigail (Lori Loughlin) works to make sure they experience the season's magic nonetheless, but a storm threatens to derail the town's celebration. Additionally, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) awaits the arrival of her baby after the death of her husband Jack (Daniel Lissing) in season 5. (Photo via Eike Schroter/Crown Media)

A Midnight Kiss (Hallmark Channel, December 29, 8pm ET): Mia (Adelaide Kane), a party planner, has been tasked with the biggest job in her company's history: a New Year's Eve party for a celebrity tech entrepreneur. When her family's support on the project falls through, she reluctantly enlists the help of her brother's visiting college friend, David (Carlos PenaVega), only to then fall for him. (Photo via Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

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Alright, folks. We've officially made it to fall. And if you haven't already started switching out your decor (as long as it's ready by Friendsgiving, right?) you still have time to do so. Draw inspiration from this round-up of new home products that includes harvest-inspired candles, cozy linens and textiles, and a v. practical piece of furniture. One scroll through these, and you'll have all the motivation you need to transition the seasons. Scroll on to start shopping.

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