If you didn’t think 13 Reasons Why couldn’t possibly get any more dramatic, think again — there’s teenage angst yet to come, and plenty of it! In fact, from the sounds of comments made by the show’s newest cast member, Anne Winters, to Flare magazine, her character was brought on to bring it.

According to Winters (who you might also recognize from the network’s film Reality High), season two will see her introduced (along with six other actors announced back in August), as an It-girl named Chloe. “She’s a cheerleader,” she says. “I am one of the new characters, and you will see a lot of me.”

She also gave us a clue to the nature of her role, which is “very different… than other people I’ve played.” “I will be involved in a lot of drama, that’s for sure,” she shared.

While she didn’t give TOO much away, the young actress did offer up some further insight on the Tweet Netflix posted in May about how the series will handle rape culture, as well.

“It’s so interesting, because, I mean, the people [in the show] who are doing wrong maybe don’t even understand that it is wrong, and the people that are going through it are thinking, ‘Is this wrong?’” she said. “This season will explore a little of those gray areas — it’s not as black and white as last season — so that when people raise the question of, ‘Well, wasn’t it her fault if she did this or that?,’ this seasons shows a different take on it. This season shows a lot more answers of why people are doing what they’re doing.”

Interesting, indeed!

Sounds like we’ll have a lot to contemplate when it hits Netflix in 2018.

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(Photos via Frazer Harrison + Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)