A shoulder bag seems like a fairly straightforward apparatus (put strap on shoulder. Take off. Repeat.), but evidently, as it turns out, we just haven’t been thinking about it creatively enough. Rather than just don them the way nature (or accessories designers) intended, It girls everywhere are flipping the script and wearing the shoulder bag snugly under the boob. We don’t know when and where this phenomenon actually started; all we know is if you’re a style star or fashion insider, you’re rocking your It bag in this It way. Allow us to illustrate below.

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You already know that the Gucci Dionysus bag is on the fashion hot list right now, as evidenced by its ubiquitous Instagram presence. What you may not have realized is you get extra style points for slinging it across your chest, like Negin Mirsalehi, and letting it rest in your underboob area. #themoreyouknow

For her meeting with the first lady of France, Rihanna looped her Dior logo handbag around her upper bod for an “I’m cool and effortless in my oversized suit” vibe. If RiRi is doing it, it’s a thing. That’s just science. (Photo via Getty)

Even megablogger Chriselle Lim is rocking the makeshift crossbody. She also let the iconic straps of her Chanel stunner double as jewelry by draping across her chest. What will these fashion girls think of next?

Street style fixture Lisa Hahnbueck clearly got the memo, as shown by her strategically placed red flap bag. Complete with anklet, layered necklaces and shoulder-draped jacket, she’s a study in trend mastery. (Photo via Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images for Reserved)

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Nothing compares to a timeless Chanel-bag-and-trench combo. Lainy Hedaya made hers Insta-worthy by rocking her classic quilted purse in this of-the-moment way.

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