New Year’s Eve is your chance to let out your inner rockstar. Whether you’re donning a killer holiday dress or a showstopping sequin skirt, we can all agree that this is the one night a year to take a couple of style risks. Why stop at your outfit? We’ve got a few daring (but easy!) hairstyles to match your plans for the big night. No matter where you wind up, rest assured you’ll be ringing in 2017 with the best hair of your life. (And a Champagne cocktail, of course!)

For ‘Da Club

1. Slicked Back Pony: This hairstyle screams, “I don’t know about you, but I came here to *DANCE.*” This slicked-back high pony is ideal for whipping your hair back and forth on a dance floor. Not to mention, it totally lets your smokey eye (or red lip or chiseled contour) take center stage. If this Kardashian-approved look doesn’t scream bottle service and stilettos, we’re not sure what does.

For a House Party

2. Twisted Bun: We love a hairstyle that only looks difficult. This twisted bun totally delivers — you get a braided halo effect without any of the actual work of braiding. It strikes the perfect balance between, “I literally woke up like this” and “Okay, I actually tried.” Bonus points: It works better (and looks better too!) on second or third-day hair, which means more time to try on outfit options (or, you know, nap before you stay out until 3am).

For a Low-Key Concert

3. Victoria’s Secret Waves: A concert is arguably the best way to spend NYE — your expectations are set, you’ve already accepted the fact that you’ll be paying $6 per beer and you can safely assume that you won’t be the only one wearing flats. *PRAISE HANDS* Your best bet is to add a little polish to your go-to look. If you’re a fan of everyday waves, introduce some Victoria’s Secret-inspired volume for an amped-up look. A quick mist of shine spray will finish the look.

For a Warehouse Rager

4. Sleek Topknot: Neon necklaces, iPad DJs and Flash tats — hey, if you can’t throw down in a warehouse with 1,000 of your closest friends on New Year’s Eve, then when can you? Our hairstyle strategy is simple — go for a sleek, shiny AF topknot. It’ll keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, because sweaty strands clinging to your skin are so not photo-friendly. Feeling festive? Blast your topknot with a hit or two of glitter hairspray for a look that says, “Yeah, I totally know who Zedd is.”

For a Wedding

5. No Stylist Needed Updo: No cover charge and an open bar?! We secretly pray for an invite to a NYE wedding every year. If you RSVP’d yes to one this year, fake a fancy updo using this handy hair tutorial. Because really, what’s classier than an updo? Best of all, these easy-to-assemble hairstyles will actually last from the ceremony to the cake. But you might want to bring backup bobby pins, in case that Bruno Mars dance-along undoes your ‘do.

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(Featured photo via Kristin Ess Hair)