Welp, it’s that time of the year again. Let’s be honest, even after graduating from high school, college, graduate school, etc., you’ve never completely gotten over the rush of back to school shopping. If you’re anything like us, then you know that nothing beats the exhilaration of stocking up on amazing gel pens, Post-it notes and notebooks galore! Here are 20 of the raddest notebooks that even us grown-ups are coveting. And, no shame if you secretly want to scoop up each one… psst, we do, too!

1. Modern Eclectic Mini Notebooks ($15): “I have too many notebooks” — said no one ever. This set of pint-sized notebooks would be perfect for the modern, if not a tad eclectic, sophisticate.

2. Hard Cover Neon Journal ($20): It’s downright impossible to get writer’s block when you have a neon pink journal to get your creative juices flowing.

3. “Oui” Everyday Pocket Notebooks ($10): When fashion illustrator/blogger/photographer extraordinaire Garance Dore joins forces with our go-to source for all things paper (hey there, Rifle Paper Co.), you get this. Parisian has never looked so good. Oui oui!

4. Pink Forest Animals Notebook ($16): Of course, you need a notebook printed with cute forest critters — it’s not even a question.

5. Printed Notepad 3AM Inspiration ($13): Keep this notepad conveniently located by your bedside, so that you’ll be ready the next time inspiration strikes in the middle of the night.

6. Live Bright Essential Notebooks ($20): Live life to the fullest with this inspirational notebook set. A little daily affirmation goes a long way.

7. Sunset Notebook ($7): Call dibs on your favorite spot in the park and keep the good vibes coming with this cheery notebook.

8. Sweet Briar Notebooks ($13): Proof that not just any old notebook will do, this gorgeous botanical set of journals is exactly what you need for your daily scribbles. Warning: They’re almost too pretty to use!

9. “Bright Ideas” Wafer Notebook ($60): Be like every major fashion editor and invest in a Smythson. Capiche?

10. Honduras Mini Blank Notebook Jotter Pack ($15): Whoa, these mini notebooks are seriously SO pretty. Thank goodness we don’t have to choose between the three — you get them all!

11. Hey Girl Journal ($10): Hey girl, don’t sweat it! While Ryan may officially be off the market, you still have this gem of a journal to record your deepest thoughts in.

12. P.S. and Dot, Dot, Dot… Notebook Set ($12): Every Brit + Co girl needs a stylish notebook to keep stashed in each handbag. Consider these two to be your top candidates. P.S. Don’t forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s!

13. Yummy Journal ($10): We’re not kidding when we say this journal is almost yummy enough to eat.

14. Small Blank Geometric and Tropical Notebooks ($6): If you’re still pining for pineapples (or are just now joining in on all the fun), then go ahead and invest in this tropical/geometric notebook set.

15. Positano Hexagons Mini Notebook ($10): It’s easy to say goodbye to those boring black and white composition books when you have a notebook that is as print-tastic as this one.

16. Eyes on the Prize Journal Set ($13): It doesn’t take a self-proclaimed literary genius and book worm to know that these journals are spec-tacular!

17. Sidebound Notebook ($22): #SorryNotSorry, but we’re bringing spiral notebooks back. Who’s with us?!

18. Everyday Leopard Journal ($15): Calling all fashion girls. Allow these ultra-glam leopard print notebooks to be your #aotd — that’s accessory of the day, if you will!

19. Thoughts and Doodles Notebook ($12): Oh happy day! Finally! A notebook that gets us! Start with a few squiggles and see where your creative genius takes you.

20. Rough Draft Notebook ($9): This notebook by ban.do takes the cake for being the raddest notebook of them all. Rest assured that your next brilliant idea will only be a doodle away.

Which “grown-up” notebook will you be showing off at your next boardroom meeting? Leave a comment below!