Fans can’t get enough of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder’s life together, from their gorgeous wedding to the day they welcomed their baby girl into the world. But one story about how they decided to start a family has caused a firestorm online — and now Reed is speaking out about the backlash.

Sitting down to chat on Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, the couple revealed that the topic of babies came up when they were with their best friends in Barcelona. (It wasn’t the first time they’d talked about children, though; Reed says they started discussing having kids even before they were officially dating.)

The couples apparently made some friendly plans to coordinate having children at the same time, so Somerhalder took action. “We decided that we wanted to all have children together and it was just time,” he said. “But unbeknownst to poor Nikki, she didn’t realize that I was gonna go in her purse and take out her birth control and pop them [out]… by the way, it was at the beginning of the pack so I had to pop all those suckers out — there was like 25 of them.”

Reed laughed, telling the podcast’s hosts that there’s a photo of her watching him do it. (Somerhalder clarified that there’s actually a “six-minute video” of her “freaking out.”) But not everyone thought the story was funny. Somerhalder faced major backlash online, with many people questioning the issue of consent.

The Twilight actress took to Twitter to address the reactions, writing, “WOMEN’S RIGHTS MATTER, so please don’t use false narratives to highlight issues that are truly important!”

She also added, “We should be talking about these things, but using a funny interview between married ppl & twisting it to perpetuate gossip is irresponsible.”

She wasn’t done there, though. Clearly feeling that 140 characters weren’t enough, the actress posted an image of a longer message addressing one particular story about the podcast: “Quote from an article this morning claiming that my husband tried to ‘force (me) into pregnancy?!’ Oh and my favorite line ‘That is some unconsented bullsh*t right there.’ 😂 My response: Yep. When you actually listen to the podcast (which I’m sure you didn’t) you’ll hear how ‘unforced’ I felt. Ha! Also, ‘unconsented’ bullsh*t is you speaking on my behalf in a story admittedly taken out of context for the purpose of stirring up drama WITHOUT my approval. Don’t talk about consent to me.”

She added, “And lastly, how dare you try to cast a dark shadow over one of the happiest days of my life — you’re not only disrespecting me but my baby. Oh, and next time you try to stand up for women by writing an article ‘about women’s rights,’ try properly conveying the way I felt. It’s a shame that this was your way in. You have a platform, write about things that matter by using truthful stories, not gossip.”

Somerhalder, for his part, has apparently decided to stay quiet about the issue for the time being.

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(Photo via Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Humane Society of The United States)