We’ve all heard of a prenuptial agreement — that little piece of paper that a couple may or may not choose to legally implement prior to getting married to protect their assets.

But what if you’re not tying the knot? What if you’ve decided to make a commitment to each other through moving in together (in which case you NEED to check out this awesome CB2 collab), but have no plans to walk down the aisle? (You wouldn’t be alone — a recent HuffingtonPost piece says that roughly 2/3 of couples live together outside of marriage.) Don’t you deserve some kind of protection too?


According to businesses like online legal tech company Rocket Lawyer, who helps its clients create cohabitation agreements, better known as a no-nup, the answer is yes. While these documents aren’t exactly new (the first mentions we found of them were in February 2013), with more millennials waiting longer to tie the knot — if they ever do — than ever, it’s an increasingly relevant topic.

couple fighting

Designed to make the division of property easier in the event of a split and establish monetary ground rules (like who pays what bills), these forms are drafted by a lawyer (just as a pre-nup would be), to give each individual party involved a legal standing, should one be necessary.

While certainly not for every couple (it’s not exactly the most swoon-worthy proposal, is it?), it’s definitely some good food for thought — especially if you’re not getting such stellar scores on this new relationship app — or even just have a real sentimental attachment to that old vintage lamp.

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