Whether you had a good or bad 2016, it’s time to put the year behind us and celebrate the upcoming one. We’re celebrating the best way we know how — with endless glitter, sequins and confetti. So grab your festive dress, your Champagne cocktail and your squad, and get to it. What better way to celebrate than to host your BFFs and throw a party full of confetti and good fortune?

Be sure to add these DIY fortune confetti balloons to your party decor list this year. Not only will your guests be impressed with your party-planning skills, but they’ll be stoked to learn they get to pop a balloon when the clock strikes midnight and reveal their very own 2017 fortune inside. These balloons will ring in the new year with a bang, or even better, a confetti explosion!!


Materials + Tools:



  1. Print out your fortunes on printer paper and cut each one into strips.
  2. Roll the fortunes into small scrolls and use the ribbon to tie a bow.
  3. Place balloon end onto the cookie cutter.
  4. Fill the balloon with the paper confetti.
  5. Place the rolled-up fortune into the balloon.
  6. Fill the balloons with helium and tie a knot.
  7. Tie ribbon on the balloon end.

Coming up with the fortunes is the best part of this project! Think about the people attending your party and what they might want their fortunes to be. Make them broad enough so that they could appeal to anyone. I decided to hit on five different categories: wanderlust, work, health, love and lifestyle. Here were the ones I landed on:

  • Grab your passport! Don’t be afraid to take the path less traveled.
  • Take that risk you’ve been hesitant about. It will pay off in the long run.
  • Working up a sweat will become a favorite pastime. Sign up for those fitness classes and get that booty moving!
  • Treat yourself. Splurge on that thing you’ve been wanting for so long; you deserve it!
  • Love is in the air. Don’t be afraid to make the first move… even if it puts you out of your comfort zone.
  • You need a change of scenery. In the next few months, try looking out a new window.

Feel free to make your fortunes funny or serious — it totally depends on you and the crowd.

Once you’ve decided on the fortunes, print them out and cut them into strips. Roll them up into mini scrolls and tie a ribbon around them with a string. You can now call yourself a fortune teller!


Now it’s time to prep for the stuffin’… and I don’t mean the Thanksgiving kind. It would be near impossible to try to stuff the balloons with confetti without using some sort of device to keep the end open. Wrap the balloon end onto the cookie cutter. Be careful not to rip the balloons!


Get wild when filling up your balloons! Use ALL the colors and sprinkle some gold in there as well. You’ll shake up the confetti once you fill up the balloon, so there isn’t really a technique you need to use.


Once you’re done with the confetti, add your fortune and take the balloon off the cookie cutter, and repeat with the other balloons.


Now that’s a beautiful mess! You’re finally ready to fill the balloons up with helium. You can rent a small helium tank at your local party store. I used 12-inch latex balloons so they didn’t use a lot of helium, but if you want bigger balloons, then go for it!


Once your balloons are filled with helium, tie a ribbon on them and curl the leftover end. These balloons are ready to party and will quickly sneak away from you, so don’t forget to tie them to something stationary or put a weight at the end.


Grab your party crown, your friends and a sharp needle, because once the clock strikes 12:00, it’s go time!


The anticipation is killing me! Five, four, three, two, one…




Once they pop, the fun don’t stop! Look for your fortune on the ground!


All smiles for these girls. I think they were happy with their 2017 fortunes!


Don’t be scared of the cleanup aftermath; it will all be worth it! The larger the size of the confetti you use, the easier it is to clean up. Besides, you shouldn’t be the only one cleaning up after this awesome NYE party you throw for your BFFs — it had to have been someone’s NYE resolution to be nicer to friends ;)

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DIY Production + Styling: Ashley Perlman

Photography: Chris Andre

Models: Irene Lee, Marisa Kumtong, Ashley Perlman

Wardrobe: Dresses worn by the models are from Tobi.com

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