Happy National Sloth Day! If you鈥檙e not lucky enough to celebrate by having a sleepover with the聽super-slow 鈥 and VERY adorable 鈥 mammals, this new Disney video featuring an IRL version of the Zootopia DMV scene will do just the trick.

Created by the Oh My Disney studio in honor of the sloths鈥 special day, the clip goes inside a real DMV location where a bunch of lazy sloths are employed for the afternoon 鈥 just like in the Oscar-winning movie. The humans on hand are pretty shocked to see who will be serving them.

The adults are impatient (鈥淚 gotta be somewhere in like 10 minutes!鈥), but the kids can鈥檛 stop laughing 鈥 and neither can we. Watching the creatures try (and, um, fail) to use computers, take driver鈥檚 license photos, and do simple paperwork is a pretty good way to feel like you鈥檝e had a productive day, even if all you鈥檝e done is check Twitter 14 times in the past hour. It鈥檒l also make you remember how much you really, really relate to sloths.

Oh My Disney has put other Disney and Pixar characters in real-life situations too: Dug the talking dog from Upsurprised humans in the park, and Baymax, the lovable, inflatable companion from Big Hero 6, took to聽the beach to make some friends (and give health care advice, natch). They鈥檙e ALL worth a watch over on the Oh My Disney YouTube channel.

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(Photo via Oh My Disney/YouTube)