Are you craving a vacation? You know, like somewhere so tropical and magical that you could just melt away into the sandy beaches? We don’t know about you, but we definitely have paradise on our minds. Whether it’s going on a cruise or sipping fruity Mojitos at a resort in Costa Rica, all we can think about is how perfect it would be to go on vacation.

Last week, Old Navy launched a new website called Emoodji that translates your most-used emoji into your perfect vacation. Whether you’re filling up your social media with palm trees and tropical drinks or you’re more of the shrimp, rice and sun type, Old Navy will find the perfect vacation for your R+R needs.

Simply log in with your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, and Old Navy will identify your most-used emoji (pineapples and heart-eyed cats, anyone?). Once Emoodji finishes its calculations, it’ll select a dream vacation destination and a pair of bright flip-flops based on your most-used emoji. After Emoodji is done figuring out your dream vacation, it gives you a summer mood board to share on social media.

Want to see what emojis your friends use most? If they use Emoodji, the site will even let you creep on that public info. We’re just hoping Queen Bey and RiRi take the test so we can see what emojis they’re crushing on (we’re guessing lots of crowns and painted fingernails).

What’s your idea of a dream vacation? Tell us in the comments below!