Your beloved fluffy bear and other cuddly stuffed toys of your childhood are getting a major upgrade this holiday season thanks to this tiny tech. Developed by Smarty Crew, Oliba might just be the smartest toy yet. This little owl can do everything from tracking the cuddly blanket that your child loves to soothing your baby to sleep and reading a story with the simple push of a button.


Equipped with a 100-foot tracking device, Oliba rests comfortably on your tot’s favorite blanket or toy, saving it from any tragic misplacements. Not only that, but Oliba is there for your child’s bedtime routine. Oliba provides a soft nightlight and sings a lullaby, either recorded in your voice or played as a song from Oliba’s library.


Oliba can also be programmed to read stories. Just like the nighttime lullaby, you can choose a story from the library in the Oliba app or you can record a story yourself. If a parent is deployed or away on business often, this smart tech is a great way for kids to stay connected to their parent’s voice.

Oliba PK 9

As if this little gadget isn’t great already, it gets even better. Oliba is chargeable with a USB (which means you can say goodbye to the “batteries not included” nightmares of the past) and machine washable. Its library of stories and songs is ever changing, so you can keep your kiddo from getting bored as your child grows up. If you’re ready to gift your kiddo an Oliba this holiday season, just pledge $35 to Oliba’s Indiegogo campaign. Cuddly and entertaining for years? We wish this was around when we were kids!

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