Your life is on your phone and tablet, so keeping it juiced and ready to go at all times is one of your top priorities. After all, you want to be able to communicate your creative visions with the world at all times. We found 11 adorable portable chargers that will keep you running at full power.


1. Ankit Emoji USB Car Charger ($7): Chargers have feelings, too — at least, this little guy does! Your Android and Apple devices will be all smiles when they get a lift from this happy-go-lucky charger for 12-volt vehicle outlets.


2. Starbucks Charger Decal ($10): Transform a plain-jane adapter into a steaming cuppa joe with this decal for iPhone, iPod and iPad cube chargers. When you head out for your daily Starbucks run, your devices will get their morning pick-me-up, too.


3. BAN.DO Back Me Up! Mobile Charger ($30): Best buds always back each other up. This pretty print reminds us of a pixelated Easter egg and was created by one of our favorite Re:Make speakers’ co. NBD.


4. Belkin MIXIT Lightning-to-USB Leather Tassel ($35): Too busy for New York Fashion Week? Get the runway look on the run with these color-coordinated chargers that easily clip to your bag or purse and charge iPhones, iPads and iPods.


5. NIGHT Cable Phone Charger ($40): Don’t let tangled cables tie you up in knots! This 10-foot, micro-USB charging cable contains weighted knots that anchor to any surface so they’re always fumble-proof and right where you left them.


6. PERI GoCharge Power Bank ($50): Show your smartphone some love with a big ol’ bear hug from a smart case that charges the device. Electrifying shades of blue, metallic pink and gold will give your iPhone or iPod a pop of color.


7. Chanel Lipstick Power Bank ($50): You don’t need makeup to get glammed up. Go natural and fool all your friends when you empty your makeup bag to reveal this sleek, lipstick-styled power bank that’s compatible with all phones.


8. Seyvr Power Saver Wallet ($70-80): The power is in your pockets with this two-in-one wallet and charger that comes in Android and Apple versions. With integrated cables, a money clip and space for six cards, this billfold will become your go-to on-the-go accessory.


9. Kyte&Key Charging Cabelet ($99-$129): Can’t fit a cable in your purse? Brace yourself. You can wear this braided-leather charging cabelet and simply remove and attach it to your phone to fire it up!


10. emPowered Charging Bag ($175): We all wish we had Hermione’s extendable handbag that fit everything known to wizard-kind. But you don’t need magical powers to empower your purse. This chic bag has a charging source right in the lining!


11. Tommy Hilfiger Solar Panel Jacket ($420): You can charge everything under the sun — literally — with this solar-powered jacket. In direct sunlight, the removable solar pack is powerful enough to charge most phones beyond capacity!

Will you be investing in any of these pretty portables? Let us know in the comments below!