Move over, diamonds. There鈥檚 a new precious stone growing in popularity in the engagement ring market: It鈥檚 opal and it鈥檚 here to stay. You definitely don鈥檛 need to be an October baby to don one of these iridescent stunners. And while opals are more precious due to the high water content, with proper care and the right setting this stone will hold your heart for years to come. Get ready to be blown away by these 16 absolutely gorgeous opal engagement rings.

1. Pear Opal Ring ($1,200): A diamond pav茅 halo and a selection of 18k gold metals make this opal ring a beauty to behold.

2. Wentworth ($1,900): This Victorian-inspired ring features a cabochon white opal with two natural red rubies on either side. Fit for a princess, we鈥檇 say.

3. Wheat Suite No. 05 ($3,700): Australian opal with diamond studded accents mix glam and gorg effortlessly.

4. Pip Opal Ring ($185): Perfect for stacking, this minimal-chic ring is the perfect one for our more demure ladies.

5. Past Present Future Ring ($585): Celebrate your one-of-a-kind love with this timeless and delicate design complete with 14k gold marquis bezel on a handmade band.

6. Opal Plume Eternal Ring ($1,600): Stack away with this carefully hand-carved feather plume pattern with set opals.

7. Rustic Organic Boho Opal Ring ($79): This handmade custom ring features a natural 6mm opal cabochon. Not to mention its band comes in an array of metals, including sterling silver, 14k gold, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Hooray for variety!

8. Recycled Yellow Gold Opal Diamond Ring ($1,335): Elegant. Simple. Chic. Beautiful. Don鈥檛 you wish we were all engaged? Canadian diamonds, 14k recycled gold and Australian opal come together to create this wedding winner.

9. Fire Opal Attelage Ring ($6,500): You鈥檒l have bystanders stopping you in awe of this captivating ring. Honduran fire opal and rose gold dusted with reclaimed gray diamonds make this piece no less than perfect.

10. Luna Ring ($3,000): If the story of how you two met is nothing short of magical, live out your fairytale with this sweet 18k yellow gold, opal and pav茅 diamond design.

11. Gold Opal Ring ($895): This 18k yellow gold and Ethiopian opal combo gives off serious boho vibes, and we bet you dig it.

12. Petite Triangle Double Band Opal Ring ($1,825): Fun Fact #1: Did you know that opal is considered a water stone because it contains a larger proportion of water than most stones? This symbolic stone is the one for a very special someone.

13. Raw Opal Engagement Ring ($265): Looking for a ring that鈥檚 as raw as your love for one another? This naturally gorgeous Australian fire opal stone is a strong contender.

14. Entity Opal Ring ($1,800): Elegant and graceful, this 14k yellow gold, rose-cut opal with a pav茅 of gray and white diamonds makes us believe in happy endings.

15. Australian Opal Flower Ring ($2,000): Got a love that began in the spring? Or just feels like it鈥檚 always blooming? Celebrate that special feeling with this unique flower ring crafted from stunning rose gold and Australian opal.

16. Teardrop Opal Ring ($198): Fun Fact #2: Opal is also known as 鈥淭he Queen of the Gems鈥 and in medieval times was thought to make the wearer invisible. Here鈥檚 a ring for all the ladies looking for one ring to rule them all ;)

Which one of these stunning pieces was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!