Winter is officially here. Even sunny-but-often-foggy San Francisco is feeling brisk and wintery these days. We鈥檙e keeping toasty by testing out holiday cocktails thanks to all the brand new merrymaking items in the B+C Shop. For today鈥檚 bit of midday randomness, we鈥檙e taking you from Sriracha to Oreo Churros, with at least one cat sweater in between. Happy Friday!

1. Wintour is Coming ($58): Anna Wintour x Game of Thrones? Yes please.

2. Sriracha 2 Go ($7): Are you that person always asking for a bottle of Sriracha at the table? We feel you. And so does this new company that鈥檚 offering keychain size Sriracha bottles just for you! At $7 a pop, these empty keychain bottles (you fill 鈥檈m yourself) seem steep but also terribly handy.

3. Nailed It Card ($4.50): It鈥檚 the thought that counts, you know?

4. Marvel-Themed Sleeping Bags ($149): Fancy yourself a superhero in your sleep? Or maybe you鈥檙e just SO good at sleeping that you think your skill borderlines on super human?

5. Toy Story 4: That鈥檚 right. Woody and Buzz are coming back to us with all of our favorite toy friends in tow. The only snag? You have to wait until 2017!

6. Oreo Churros: Wait, WHAT. Yes. Oreo has now tied the knot with the churro and late night snacking will never be the same.

7. Cat Sweater with Zipper Mouth: Cat sweater with a zipper mouth. Yep. Cat sweater with a zipper mouth. What more is there really to say?

8. Harry Potter Hotel Rooms: Dream of spending the night like Harry? Now you can! The Georgian House hotel in London now offers 鈥淲izard Chambers鈥 at $400/night, complete with four-poster beds, trunks labeled 鈥淗P鈥 and plenty of 鈥渦nexpected wizardly details鈥 according to the hotel鈥檚 website.

9. Laser Cut Cake Stencils ($10): Want to take this holiday鈥檚 cakes to the next level? But with minimal effort? We created these exclusive cake stencils to let you do just that. Simply hold above a frosted cake and use sprinkles to fill in the stencil. You can also use edible food spray paint, if you like!

10. North American Wife Carrying Championships: And finally, the most absurd competition we鈥檝e ever seen: WIFE CARRYING as sport. The race lasts 60 seconds, and involves log hurdles and the 鈥渨idow maker鈥 water hazard. But what do you win? The winning couple takes home the wife鈥檚 weight in beer, five times her weight in cash, and an entry into the World Championship, which takes place in Finland the following summer. For real.

And that鈥檚 all she wrote. Have a great weekend!