There are a number of reasons we can’t wait until tomorrow… the costumes, the parties, the food and the fun drinks. And for Potterheads, there’s also the release of a new Harry Potter story from J.K. Rowling. We’re totes with you; we can’t wait to read it. And to feed the Pottermore craze, we’re planning a Hogwarts-style vacation. That’s right. There’s a London hotel that offers a vacation package so that you can live the suite life of Harry Potter, no Time-Turner required.

The Georgian House Hotel, a boutique bed and breakfast in Victoria, Central London (only a ten-minute Tube trip from Buckingham Palace), features a “Wizarding Chamber” and is offering Muggles the chance to stay in a Hogwarts-style bedroom just like Harry Potter would have.

The gothic-style rooms are fully equipped with four-poster beds, stone wash basins, potion bottles and cauldrons. There are also other “unexpected wizardly details,” according to the website, such as dramatic velvet drapes, vintage leather trunks and authentic spell books strewn throughout the rooms. (Bonus if you find a wand or two.) Guests will wake up to a full English breakfast, sans “bogey flavoured Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.”

Stepping into Harry Potter’s shoes will cost you a few galleons: A one-night stay in the Wizard Chambers for you and a guest with two Warner Brothers Movie Studio Tour tickets that go behind the scenes of the making of the Harry Potter movies will run you $585. Not including tours, it comes to $337. But for die-hard witches and wizards, the experience is well worth it. Since The Georgian House Hotel announced this special, Potterheads galore have sent out their owls (read: crashed the site) to reserve a weekend of wizardry. According to CNN Money, the hotel is currently booking rooms into December 2015, so start making those vacation plans now.

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