Strap on your seat belts, folks, because you are in for a treat that might give you some whiplash. (It certainly made us look twice.) The app is called Over and is a simple, beautiful way to add text to your photos. Sure, some other apps might let you do this, but we PROMISE that none are as good as this one. The app design is gorgeous, and features a spin wheel navigation, easy font selection (and a-ma-zing fonts!), and super colorful sharing buttons. We have a minor obsession with anything colorful. But then again, you already knew that.

Once you import or take a photo, you can add text, move it around, edit the font, size, etc. Once you’re satisfied, the “share” button lets you export it to various social networks, email, or back to your camera roll. It’s incredibly simple, yet so classy. We’re totally jazzed.

Many paid app haters of the world are griping that the app costs $1.99 (however, it’s currently ON SALE for $0.99). Its creator, Aaron Marshall has a pretty solid reply about the cost: “The main reason I’m charging two bucks is I have a family and I’d like to keep them.” Awww. Who can’t respect that? (Note: we’d pay for the app even if he didn’t have a family…it’s worth the endless minutes of creative downtime.)

We had a little too much fun playing around with a few of our recent post images while experimenting with the app, and ended up with the following Over-ified photos (ps: all link back to their original post, in case you missed one!).

And of course, we had a little bit of fun adding type over some of our recent favorite photos of our team mascot, Pixel.

Over is a particularly useful app if you have favorite quotes, bible verses, or even New Year’s resolutions that you want to overlay on a beautiful photo. Pro tip: save them to your phone’s lock screen or export them to your computer to always remember them!

There’s honestly so much fun to be had with this app. We’d love to see how you guys use it, too! Shoot us your pics to or add them to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see your creative minds in action!