Some of the worst things we’ll have to deal with in our lives include getting our car towed and having to pay $600 to get it out of the lot, stepping in dog poop (seriously… the worst) and having to see our babies battle an epic cold or the flu. And while British startup Blue Maestro can’t do anything about the parking police and owners who refuse to use doo-doo bags, what they can do is help you take care of your sick baby. And just how they’re going to do that is with a wearable for your infant… or more accurately, a suckable, in the form of a smart pacifier call Pacifi.

Pacifi acts as a baby thermometer without you having to poke a thermometer into ears or…. well, yeah that other place you have to take temperatures when you haven’t hit your first birthday yet. But even better than that, is that Pacifi lets you constantly monitor your baby’s temperature on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. So you know if things are getting better or worse or if the medicine you’re administering is working or not.

Since taking care of a sick baby is no easy feat, it’s easy to lose track of time. With Pacifi’s accompanying app, you can set up reminders for when to give that second dose of medicine and get notifications if Pacifi has gone missing (yup, it even has a tracking device). Then, you can go ahead and share all of the info with the nanny or your pediatrician.

Other cool things? Even when your rug rat is happy and healthy, you can still use Pacifi as your regular pacifier. It runs on super low energy, making it safe to use around tots all of the time, but if you want to save on energy, you can simply turn the device off. Oh! And this is kind of epic in the eyes of busy parents everywhere… it’s dishwasher safe. Because you know, as a parent you kind of already have enough on your plate without having to hand wash stuff.

The Pacifi app is free and is compatible with iOS and Android. The pacifier itself will retail for about $35-ish and you can pre-order yours on Blue Maestro‘s website, which we suggest doing right now for yourself or for any soon-to-be parents in your life.

From womb to wearables, how do you feel about smart tech for your babes? Tell us below!