When you’re brown baggin’ it to work, the popular go-to is a quick lunch that will give you a big bang for your bite. It only makes sense to pack yourself a high-protein lunch wrap or a filling winter salad to keep you going throughout the day. Though these are all smart and healthy options, sometimes you need to break the routine. Why not get daring and creative with your sandwiches? We’ve got 14 toasty and melty panini that will cure all your lunch break blues when the usual options just aren’t cutting it.


1. Spinach Artichoke Turkey Panini: Turkey is a great lunchmeat option — it’s lean and full of protein. But it can become a snore rather quickly. To up your turkey sandwich game, serve it up with some creamy spinach and artichoke dip slathered onto crusty ciabatta bread. (via Whitney Bond)


2. Pizza Panini: If you’re one of those folks who could eat pizza all day everyday, this panini will blow your pizza-lovin’ mind. Imagine stretchy mozzarella and tangy pepperoni tucked between two slices of toasty sourdough. Serve with a side of pizza sauce for dunking, and you’re all set. (via Chef Sarah Elizabeth)


3. Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Panini: Elvis’s fave sandwich just got a massive makeover, and we’ve got a burning love for it. A melty, gooey chocolate peanut butter spread accompanies soft and sweet bananas in this bad boy. (via Brown Sugar)


4. Philly Cheesesteak Panini: If we were from West Philadelphia, born and raised, eating these sandwiches is how we’d spend most of our days! Hopefully you got that ’90s reference, but if you didn’t, at least you still have a cheesy steak panini to drool over. (via My Sequined Life)


5. Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Mustard Panini: This grilled sandwich is the perfect solution for holiday leftovers. Jam two pieces of bread with leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, brie and tangy mustard, and you’ll have a whole new reason to celebrate Turkey Day again. (via Just a Little Bit of Bacon)


6. Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini: There is so much goodness happening in this panini, we don’t even know where to start. Pairing apples with cheddar is always a smashing success, and adding turkey to the mix results in a lunch option you won’t want to miss out on. (via Running to the Kitchen)


7. Sloppy Joe Panini With Baby Swiss and Caramelized Onions: A Sloppy Joe is a true family classic that we all loved growing up. This panini takes the humble classic and brings it to a whole new level with the addition of soft baby Swiss and sweet caramelized onions. (via Lovely Little Kitchen)


8. Ham, Smoked Gouda and Apricot Panini: A ham sandwich can be elevated in so many ways. When you add melted cheese and sweet fruit to the mix, we assure you it’s very gouda (had to). This medley of salty ham, creamy gouda and delicious apricots is impossible to say no to. (via Simple Healthy Kitchen)


9. Roasted Eggplant and Hummus Panini: When you’re looking for a nutritious and delicious sandwich that won’t weigh you down with cheeses and meats, look no further than this roasted eggplant ‘wich. It’s flavorful, filling and will give you the boost of energy you need. (via Dreamy Leaf)


10. Bacon Mushroom Mozzarella Melt Panini: You’ve been eating healthy all week, but you’ve decided to treat yourself to something naughty. It doesn’t get more naughty than stringy mozzarella, crispy bacon and meaty mushrooms. (via Ang Sarap)


11. Panera Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich: Panera is an easy lunchtime favorite for the on-the-go crowd thanks to its next-level soups and sandos. If you find yourself going there on a regular basis, try skipping the line and making your own replica panini at home. (via Fox Valley Foodie)


12. Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Grilled Cheese: Ah, prosciutto — bacon’s grown-up and sophisticated cousin. You may think that cured meats are best enjoyed on a charcuterie platter, but once you stuff some into a toasty sandwich with ooey gooey cheese and caramelized onions, you’ll feel differently. (via PDXFoodLove)


13. Grilled Mediterranean Black Olive Hummus Panini: Black olive lovers, unite! Bite into a rich ‘n’ creamy sandwich without the guilt. This tasty lunch option is crammed with veggies and grilled to crispy perfection. (via Connoisseurus Veg)


14. Roasted Grape Chipotle Panini: It’s always exciting to come across innovative ingredient combos, and this flavor-packed ‘wich is a perfect example of being adventurous. Sweet roasted grapes are paired with the smokey flavors of chipotle in this toasted treat. (via Level 60)

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