Just in time for Fashion Month, Pantone announced their newest Color Palette, setting the stage for the shades we’ll all be sporting in 2018. This year, there are 12 top colors instead of the usual 10. Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman explained to Women’s Wear Daily that the new spring shades were inspired equally by designers, who are always game to “push the envelope,” and consumers, who love embracing bold, bright colors for their clothes, accessories, and gadgets.

As for what 12 colors are on deck for spring? Scroll through below.

1. Meadowlark 13-0646: A bright poppy yellow, perfect in the immediate wake of the solar eclipse that hypnotized the country.

2. Cherry Tomato 17-1563: A classic red that’s sure to make any look pop.

3.Chili Oil 18-1440: An aptly named deep crimson shade.

4. Little Boy Blue 16-4132: An alluring sky blue.

5. Blooming Dahlia 15-1520: A peachy pink.

6. Pink Lavender 14-3207: A soft, traditionally feminine color that lands right between pink and purple.

7. Ultra Violet 18-3838: A rich, royal purple not unlike Prince’s new Pantone shade.

8. Spring Crocus 17-3020: A deep pink that’s elegant and fun.

9.Emperador 18-1028: An earthy chocolate brown.

10. Arcadia 16-5533: A vibrant, jewel-toned green. 

11. Almost Mauve 12-2103: This soft petal-shade is subtle and sweet.

12.Lime Punch 13-0550: And it wouldn’t be spring without one pop of neon, so we’re loving this bright lime green.

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(Photos via Pantone)