Try the Latest DIY Trend: Bro-igami
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Try the Latest DIY Trend: Bro-igami

Have you heard? Chicks dig origami. Dudes do too. No need to get frazzled — we’ve got you covered. These are five simple folding techniques that will help you flex your style and show your main boo that you know a thing or two about the ancient art of brorigami.

Broigami King wishing you the best of luck as you embark on your paper-folding journey.


– paper


– scissors

The Plane

Fold, fold, fold again.

I hate red-eyes, but I would fly all night for you ;)

Paper Pouch

Cut your paper into a perfect square. Fold over into a triangle and bend the points inwards. Crease down the top point top to create a square pouch.

Anyone ready for a quick whiskey shot?

Paper Hat

Nothing like a paper hat to get a party started.

Mini hats are the true keys to someone’s heart.

Paper Tie

Went out in your tee and forgot you had a black tie event to go to? Been there, bro. No worries — just DIY it out.

They call me Bond, James Bond.

Paper Bowtie

I’m going to warn you now. There are a lot of steps to this one, but it is definitely worth it. Fold your square in half both ways and then in a triangle both ways to create four creases on your sheet.

Pinch the center fold to turn it into a smaller diamond shape.

Fold a small triangle on the top, open the square up, and then pinch together. Pinching together will force the folded section to lay on the inside.

Fold the top edges of the diamond over, open up and flatten out the piece.

Cut down the seam of the creases on the backside.

Start folding to create the bowtie.

Cut the bottom diamond and fold to create the ribbon.

Fold the triangles into the center of the bow and trim the bottom ribbons.

Yeah, dude. You did it. We are way impressed.

No one likes a crooked bowtie.

These five folding techniques will win you the date of your dreams.

Do you have any other favorite origami pieces? Share them with us below!