Dear Pantone Chips, We will always, always, always write about awesome new ways to repurpose you. Love, Brit + Co.

Now, onto the repurposing project at hand! Pantone, meet the art of the emoticon. We think you’re going to be lifelong friends. And you know who agrees? The design department at OgilvyOne. Armed with 21,120 Pantone chips, four months of planning and 52 hours of assembly time, this labor of love definitely made us look.

The idea behind this project was to blend digital creativity with more traditional print work to create a modern mosaic, aptly titled Paper Pixels. Instead of simply going for a pixelated design like we’ve seen in the past, they took it to the next level by creating ten-foot high mosaics of emoticons. Yes. EMOTICONS!

For more about this project, peep the video below to see how OgilvyOne has taken their love of paper, pixels and Pantone to a seriously awesome level. (Photos via Designboom)

What cool uses have you seen for Pantone chips or paint swatches recently? Talk to us in the comments below.