Attending holiday parties is one of the best parts of this cold-weather season. What’s not to love about good food, great drinks and downright awesome friends? That said, knowing that the party is going to rock puts the pressure on when it comes to bringing a hostess gift. You don’t want to bring another bottle of wine, but what else do you bring to the party that has *everything*? Try something a little creative that will totally impress everyone and win you the Guest of the Year award. Just check out these 12 unique hostess gifts to get started.

1. Geometric Party Piñata: A holiday-themed piñata covered in glittering tinsel makes for the perfect party gift to help save your hostess from having to plan out all of the night’s activities. Fill it with your hostess’s favorite candy for a real treat. (via Studio DIY)

2. Christmas Crackers ($20): Start the party off with a pop — the pop of a Christmas cracker, that is. Each mini cracker is filled with a joke and a paper crown that will help make photos even more fun.

3. Peppermint Ice Cream: It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a family get-together or a fancier fête — peppermint ice cream is always a hit. It pairs perfectly with an after-dinner affogato and yummy chocolate glaze. (via Spiced)

4. DIY Recipe Cocktail Napkins: Even if your hostess has the bar cart fully stocked, she probably won’t have personalized cocktail napkins. She’ll love that she doesn’t have to play bartender all night and the guests will enjoy trying their hand at mixing their own drinks. (via Sugar and Cloth)

5. Giant Ornament Balloons: Let someone else bring the poinsettia plant. Instead, wow the crowd with an armful of huge balloons that you DIYed into massive ornaments. (via Studio DIY)

6. Photo Booth Props ($22): The party starts when you walk in with these photo booth props. At the party, ask everyone to send you the photos so afterward you can make a flip book to memorialize the best holiday party ever.

7. Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer: Even if the party has EVERYTHING, you can totally elevate the champagne by bringing along fresh pomegranate seeds to toss into each glass. (via A House in the Hills)

8. DIY Orange Clove Topiary: Nothing beats the spicy scent of the holidays. This DIY mini tree serves as a cute holiday decoration that doubles as an aromatic offering for your host’s home. (via Freutcake)

9. Homemade Irish Cream: Sure, Bailey’s is an easy go-to, but you’ll win everyone over by bringing some homemade Irish cream. It’s perfect for spiking the nog or sweetening after-dinner coffee. (via Saveur)

10. Calligraphy Balloons ($6): Basic balloons are just so… basic. Show up with sleek set of gold calligraphy balloons that won’t clash with your host’s holiday party theme.

11. DIY Bottle Brush Tree Toppers: If you’re in charge of bringing a dessert but don’t have the time or energy to bake, perk up any store-bought cake with a mini forest of hot pink bottle brush trees. (via Proper)

12. Donut Twister: Everyone has a deck of cards, but for some reason not everyone has donut twister. DIY this and bring it along, and you will so get invited back next year. (via Studio DIY)

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