We’re all up in the wall art scene these days, and are loving how easy it is to find affordable and beautiful artwork by emerging artists from all over the world. One of our favorite places to browse is Society6, especially for more graphic design-oriented works, especially ones involving bright colors and intricate patterns. Here are a dozen prints we found that you can snag for less than $20!

1. Pass this On ($18): Is it weird for a piece of art to be our website’s spirit animal? The colors, the blocks, the layers — it’s all so good.

2. Lost In ($19): This quilt-inspired piece combines patterns, photos, and color blocks to create a totally unique new pattern.

3. March 1927 ($18): Not sure what the title of this signifies, but we dig the bold color palette here, especially that dark navy hue.

4. Ultimate Navaho ($19): This tribal design almost looks like a computer-generated kaleidoscope or something.

5. Goodnight Nobody ($18): Though this title is rather melancholy, the print itself is a happy mix of blues and pinks.

6. Pattern ($18): The hand-drawn aspect of this pattern gives it a certain sense of whimsy the other prints on this lack. You also have to love the extremely simplistic title ;)

7. Tulip ($20): Tulip shapes, over and over again? Yes please.

8. Mosaic Pattern ($18): Technically, this piece is also simply called “Pattern” but we felt that it looks more like a mixed up mosaic. Our eyes get totally lost when we look at this, kind of like a Magic Eye poster.

9. Heavy Words 01 ($18): Now that is some beauty right there — love the blend of pastels and richer tones.

10. Hex P ($18): This super flat option feels like it would fit nicely in a bachelor pad.

11. Stripes ($18): These stripes look like a pile of paper strips, and we like it!

12. Grandma’s Quilt ($19): Finally, a print inspired by the original pattern-on-pattern masterpiece, a quilt by your grandma.

What types of wall art do you have in your home? Where do you shop for artwork? Talk to us in the comments below.