With tons of regulations and security measures in place nowadays, flying from point A to point B takes WAY longer than just the time you spend in the air. Add in high altitudes and cramped spaces, and traveling can be pretty draining. There are ways to eat healthy at the airport (well鈥 fairly healthy) and some killer duty-free airport shops that鈥檒l help lift your spirits during the journey. But recovery really happens after you land. To get the scoop on snacking for energy after jet-setting, we reached out to Annie Lawless, the blogger behind Blawnde who co-founded Suja Juice. Scroll on to find out the five snacks she reaches for post-flight, which will help you feel great whether you鈥檙e headed out on your first business trip or the ultimate vacation.

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1. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Annie says, 鈥淓ggs are a fantastic source of clean protein and healthy fat without any sugar, flour or sodium to worry about.鈥 They鈥檒l hold you over until you can sit down for your next meal, so definitely pack one or two hardboiled eggs if you can, or try to find them in an airport deli or at the nearest corner store once you get to your destination.

2. Almonds: Recently declared President Obama鈥檚 snack of choice, almonds are rich in healthy fats, protein and fiber 鈥 which Annie calls, 鈥淭he ultimate trifecta of satiation.鈥 She says to remember that most packaged brands come 鈥渞oasted in a junky vegetable oil with added sugar and lots of salt,鈥 so buy raw almonds in bulk before you fly and stash them in a Ziploc in your purse or carry-on.

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3. Water: You may want to beeline for the nearest cafe for a caffeine fix when you finally get off the plane, but Annie tells us to put the coffee on hold. 鈥淨uench your 鈥榟unger鈥 and get your energy back with WATER. The reason why? A lot of times we鈥檙e actually not as hungry as we think because it鈥檚 really dehydration we鈥檙e experiencing.鈥 The body鈥檚 defense mechanism defaults to hunger, because it鈥檚 lacking something it needs, so Annie says to try getting in some H20 instead of a snack. 鈥淭ravel can be super dehydrating and we鈥檙e often A LOT more thirsty than we realize when we鈥檙e on the go,鈥 she adds.

4. Mini Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Sandwiches: Delicious recipe alert! Annie swears by these mini sandwiches, which are packed with protein and the right kind of carbs to keep your energy levels up. 鈥淭hese are so simple to make, don鈥檛 need refrigeration and are loaded with protein, fat and complex carbs to fill you up,鈥 she promises. 鈥淪imply slice a sweet potato into rounds and sandwich two thin slices around some almond butter and either sea salt, cinnamon or cayenne pepper, depending on what you like,鈥 Annie says. This snack is jam-packed with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E and iron. Such a great idea!

5. Berries: Annie tells us that the worst post-flight snack picks are 鈥渉igh-glycemic fruits like bananas, pineapple, mango or dried fruits, which are basically like eating candy.鈥 On the other hand, berries are the *best* choice because they have less sugar, more than double the fiber of most fruits and tons of antioxidants. They give you the slow-burning carbs you need to keep your energy up without spiking your blood sugar and causing unhealthy cravings.

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