Last month, we came up with 11 smartphone cases that were practically a high-tech device on their own. From cases complete with health trackers that can scan your vitals to ones that have a built-in projector, we thought we’d seen it all. That is, until we found the PERI Duo — a case that houses two HiFi speakers and a superpowered battery that lets you turn it up to 11 and rock out all day.


We love ourselves a good, sleek, colorful speaker with great quality, but sometimes the speakers just can’t hang, or worse, our phone’s battery dies out. That’s where the PERI Duo case comes in. The case is both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled so you can either rock out in one room or sync multiple PERI Duo cases in various rooms to create the ultimate house party. Oh, and don’t worry about your battery dying out, because with a click of a button, you can recharge your phone and party all night.


The case is slim and tough enough to carry around daily as a protective case. The high-grade polycarbonate material is durable enough to protect both your phone and your speakers. What’s more, the next time you want to show your friend a video, song or podcast, they won’t have any trouble hearing it. No more hand-cupping and no more holding your phone up to your ears.

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If you want a PERI Duo case for yourself, you can snag the early bird special for $79 on Indiegogo. There are currently only cases for iPhone 5/5S/6 and the iPod Touch, but they do plan on creating cases for Android devices as well. Want PERI to create the case for your Android phone first? Feel free to email them at

What are you going to blast on your PERI Duo? Let us know in the comments!