It seems like everyone has a smartphone nowadays, but who knew your smartphone could get even smarter with a case to match its intelligence? We’ve found 11 of our favorite smartcases that’ll turn your smartphone into a handheld, portable genius.

Smart Designs

1. Mous ($27): It’s the most perfect case for music listeners, podcast fans and, really, anyone who has forgotten earbuds at home before. Mous allows you to always have your earbuds around because they’ll be right inside your phone case. Bonus: No more pulling out tangled earbuds, because the case lets you to reel in your earbuds after you’re done using them.

2. IN1 ($45): We’ve already established that this case is the Swiss Army knife of iPhone cases, but we had to mention it again. IN1 is a multi-tool utility case that has two pens, scissors and two screwdrivers, just to name a few. You can snag one for yourself at the B+C Shop for $45.

Health + Fitness

3. SafeSleeve ($60): When our phones aren’t in our hands, they’re always somewhere nearby. In the morning, they’re by our heads because serving as an alarm. At work, they’re in our pockets. SafeSleeve is a case that not only protects your phone, but also protects us from cell phone radiation. What’s more? It has two card-holding pockets, and the case can act as a stand when you’re watching videos.

4. Wello ($199): This one’s a lifesaver. Literally. Wello is a health tracker that doubles as a phone case. From simply placing your fingers on the hidden trackers, Wello tests your vitals such as your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and more. All that information is then immediately saved onto your phone. You can also capture data from multiple users so your friends and family can check their health too.

5. GoCuff ($30): Armband just ain’t working out for ya? GoCuff keeps your phone on your forearm so you won’t miss any important notifications while you’re getting your circuits in.

6. FitHolster ($30): FitHolster was originally made for weight lifters, but it can be used by runners, circuit trainers and dancers alike. The design allows you to magnetically clip your phone to your pants and let it hang freely. This is to prevent your phone from getting crushed inside your pocket from lifting weights or drenched in sweat from your intense cardio workout. And don’t worry about the magnets not being strong enough to hold. These aren’t your average fridge magnets; They’re neodymium magnets, the strongest magnets that are commercially available.

Masters of Disguise (Is it a phone or a projector?)

7. Snap! 6 ($35): With phones able to record HD-quality videos and take even higher quality photos, it almost seems pointless to own a separate camera these days. But at the same time, there are many other cameras that have the upper hand on certain functions that phones don’t. That’s why there’s Snap! 6. It’s the perfect phone-camera hybrid that allows you to achieve higher-quality photos with a variety of lenses to choose from and an ergonomic setup to take pictures naturally. Oh, snap!

8. iPhone Pocket Projector ($89): Turn your iPhone into a projector that displays up to 50” of slideshows, videos, Powerpoints, movies and games. The projector has a built-in focus adjustment and its own speaker to make the perfect, portable movie night experience.


9. TuffCarbon Shield ($35): This case may be the solution to your butterfingers and perhaps even to your lasting #bendgate worries. This case is thin, light and made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It’s stronger than an Otterbox and thinner than a hard-shelled, snap-on case. You can cop one for yourself on their Kickstarter here.

10. PWR Case ($100): Prong solves the dilemma of your phone’s poor battery life and the bulkiness of rechargeable phone battery cases. The PWR Case comes with a detachable battery. The battery has integrated charging prongs that can be plugged into any electrical outlet. Then, when your phone’s low on juice, you plug in the battery and you’re good to go!


11. popSLATE ($99): A Kindle and an iPhone had a baby and called it popSLATE. This nifty phone case has its own E-Ink screen that is always on, low-powered and entirely customizable. You can take a picture of beautiful scenery and then display it on your phone case. You can even share the photo you took or find pictures that other popSLATE users have snapped via the popSLATE app. If you tap the screen twice, you can pull up your notifications, meeting notes or sport scores ever so discreetly. No more frustrating moments of tapping and retapping your phone to keep it lit!

Which smartcase caught your eye? We’d love to find out in the comments below!