We know it’s frustrating when you want to use your iPad to watch a movie on Netflix with some friends, but it’s not loud enough on the highest volume notch. We’ve totally been there. That’s why we’ve found 14 solutions that will for sure pump up the volume on your devices while keeping the high-quality sound. High-five for Hi-Fi!

Tiny But Loud

1. HiddenRadio2 ($179): This portable speaker is loud enough to fill up any room. If you have multiple HiddenRadios, they can all simultaneously connect to each other to create an epic movie night with the boo or a bumpin’ dance party during a girls’ night in. The HiddenRadio2 can even be used as a smart alarm, which gently wakes you up by slowly fading in the alarm sound.

2. UE Boom ($200): It definitely booms with its 360 degree immersive sound, but how is this little waterproof speaker smaller than a can of Arizona?

Portable and Affordable

3. Zooka ($20): Remember Ampifiear? Remember how it only worked with iPads? Well, Zooka is a Bluetooth speaker for all tablets, laptops, smartphones and media players. It was made specifically with tablets in mind. Rather than having a separate speaker, why not attach the speaker to your tablet? Portability FTW!

4. Bheard Sound Pod ($55): Ever tried to enhance your phone’s sound by sticking it in a cup? Yeah, we’re guilty, too, but the Bheard Sound Pod is a 3D-printed pod, designed to effectively amplify the sound that comes out of your phone.

5. mc.speakers ($60-$75): This new Indiegogo campaign is all about small speakers with big sounds that are reminiscent of the Mini Jambox, except at a much more affordable price. Right now, they have early-bird pledges that can get you a mc.mini for $30 and a mc.brick for $35.

Mega Audiophile

6. Theater Box ($379): Don’t let the size fool you. Its 3D audio capability puts you right inside movies, music videos and conference calls with its five Hi-Fi speakers.

7. T7 ($350): This speaker goes all-out in providing portable Hi-Fi and a battery life that lasts for 18 hours. It takes out the bulk and puts in a bass so your jams can be blasted and heard.

Unique and Creative

8. Prizm ($180): It’s more than Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud all in one speaker. Prizm detects who is in the room, how many people are in the room and it plays music accordingly. It even gets to know your specific habits, like how you love to wake up to hip-hop and need your classical music at night. If you find a song that you like, you can either hit ‘Like’ on the remote control app (iOS and Android) or tap the heart button. All of your likes will immediately be put onto a new playlist on your phone.

9. JookBox ($200): The AUX cable becomes a thing of the past with this app-enabled speaker. You and up to nine friends can constantly queue and play music from a collective playlist that the JookBox app (iOS and Android) creates. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page for different early bird packages.

10. Glowdeck ($220-$250): This speaker is your phone’s BFFL. Putting your phone on top of the speaker wirelessly charges your phone as it streams your notifications on the screen. It also notifies you of any new texts, calls or social media updates through its shining LED lights. Bonus: The lights sync to the rhythm of the music you play through the speaker!

Oldies But Goodies

11. Turtle Shell 2.0 ($130): Our favorite turtle shell just got better. It’s louder and back with better Hi-Fi audio and a longer battery life so we can rock out all day and night.

12. Mini Jambox ($130): You didn’t think we’d create this roundup of wireless speakers without mentioning the Mini, did you? We love the compact size and how the software updates constantly to make our jam sessions better and better.

13. Play:3 ($300): So you already heard our excitement over Sonos’ bridge update, and now the updates are in effect! The Play:3 fills the room with powerful Hi-Fi audio and it wirelessly connects with other Sonos speakers, which you can control from the Sonos Controller App (iOS and Android).

14. Beats Pill 2.0 ($200): This improvement on an old fave includes the latest feature of Beats Bond, which not only allows you to link multiple Pills together, but also charge multiple speakers at the same time.

Which wireless way is your fave? We’d love to know in the comments below!