Period panties. Every girl has a stash of them in the verrrrry back of her lingerie drawer, reserved for that week each month when comfort and caution trump anything remotely cute. Because, try as we might, we often *can’t* control the period powers that be. That means on top of prepping for the worst case scenario with the basic undies, there’s discreet liners and overly-protective pads to deal with — and even those bulky backup resources aren’t 100% leak proof. A worry-free period may seem like a dream world scenario, but a Kickstarter campaign from Padkix Design Lab is trying to make just that a reality with its innovative leak-free, reusable underwear — and the wash-and-wear-again pairs are pretty cute too.

On the outside, Leak Free Period Panties look like they would fit right alongside the pieces in your everyday underwear collection — they’re spotted, striped, colorful and snuggly-soft. But on the inside, they’re an all-in-one form of period protection. Made with super absorbent materials like bamboo microfiber built right into the crotch (technical term), the patent-pending design makes these pairs alone three times more absorbent than a disposable pad. The black fabric-lined undies are fully washable and reusable, making them the most fuss-free partner in crime to the tampon ever. That means pads and panty liners really could be things of the past, resulting in both a more comfortable and confident YOU (with more dough in your pocket because spending money on pads is like ugggh) and promoting a more eco-friendly approach to your period. Wearing Leak Frees means you’re not contributing to the on-average 20 billion pads and tampons that are added to landfills each year in North America. Yep, that’s a whole lotta pads and tampons.

Leak Frees are affordable ($20 for one pair and $35 for two etc, through Kickstarter), they’re environmentally sound and they help women on a global scale too. For each purchase, Leak Free will donate a pair to adolescent girls in parts of the world where menstrual sanitation is lacking. Currently, the campaign is halfway to its $10K goal, which means we’re not quite living as carefree as the gal in Leak Free’s promo video. It’s a “we’ve all been there kind of scenario” — more donations means we’d most likely never have to be there again.

Would you rely on these period-proof panties? Or can you not imagine life without panty liners (try!). Tell us in the comments below.