As you welcome a new four-legged friend into your home, there are a lot of accessories that come with them, and it’s another chance to reflect your style. We’ve given you the scoop on our favorite pet beds that won’t ruin your décor, now we’ve rounded up a few pet bowls that boost the design quotient in your home. Well, most of them do—the one that looks like a toilet just gave us a good laugh.

Pug Designer Hanging Feeder

1. Pug Designer Hanging Feeder ($175): It’s important to keep your pup’s bowls elevated so they don’t strain their necks while chowing down. Plus, how cute is this line-drawn pug?

Dipper Pet Bowl - Chalkboard

2. Dipper Pet Bowl – Chalkboard ($18): We love anything with chalkboard paint, and these dog bowls are no exception. Just be prepared to rewrite your dog’s name frequently if he’s a sloppy drinker.

Porta Pet Water Bottle

3. PortablePet PortaBottle ($10): When you’re out on a long walk or hike, make sure your pooch stays hydrated. This water bottle won’t leak in your bag and has a fold down dish for drinking.

Choco & Cherry Raised Pet Feeder

4. Choco & Cherry Raised Pet Feeder ($35): The paw-print shaped bowl of this raised feeder pops out to make it easier to clean.

Cat With Fish Hanging Feeder

5. Cat With Fish Hanging Feeder ($175): Available in five colors this feline feeder will keep your cat well-fed, and will accent your décor quite nicely.


6. Pintofeed ($149): We’ve shown you Pintofeed before as part of our favorite new pet gadgets It’s an automatic feeder that syncs with your smartphone and lets you dispense food for your four-legged friend no matter where you are.

Dog Toilet Water Dish

7. Dog Toilet Water Dish ($26): Maybe not the best idea if your pup already has a problem drinking out of the toilet, but it certainly gave us a laugh.

Hagen Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

8. Hagen Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain ($66): Not only will this keep your pets (and the neighbors’ pets) hydrated in your back yard, it also adds that soothing fountain sound to your patio.

Hungry Thirsty Dog Bowls

9. Hungry & Thirst Bowls from Wagwear ($23-$43): Go simple with these bold typographic food and water bowls.

Phuket Dish

10. Unleashed Life Phuket Dish ($64): For your royal pooch, let them eat and drink from this resin chalice.

Vintage Food Pet Bowl & Stand

11. Vintage Food Pet Bowl & Stand ($19-$29): If you want basic, with a little vintage flair, opt for these stoneware dishes with a wrought-iron stand. The best part is they are dishwasher safe.

Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl

12. Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl ($65): These cute kitty bowls vaguely remind us of an old cartoon cat, but in bright colors. We’ll take ’em!

WuvLuv Cat Bowls

13. WuvLuv Cat Bowls ($48): You might be tempted to use these colorful cat bowls as candy dishes, if you don’t have a feline friend. Either way, they are a great addition to your home.

Wild Rock Dog Bowls

14. Wild Rock Dog Bowl ($39): Sign us up for this shiny silver dog bowl. It’s inspired by river rock, but with a glossier patina.

Interactive Cat Food Bowl

15. Interactive Cat Food Bowl ($15): Keep your kitten active with this feeder. Stash their food in the green tubes and let them use their paws to snatch it out. This feeder was approved Feline Wellness magazine—who knew!

Doca Pet Wire & Dine

16. Doca Pet Wire & Dine ($79): Available in four colors and two sizes, we love how this dish set gives a pop of color, but doesn’t overpower your decor.

Whisker Stress Free Bowl

17. Whisker Stress Free Bowl ($52): Designed to eliminate whisker stress often caused by other food dishes. This cat bowl has sloping sides that won’t rub up against their sensitive whiskers.

Dog Whisperer Collapsible Dishes

18. Dog Whisperer Collapsible Dishes ($10): Perfect for travel, these collapsible dishes are easy to pack, easy to clean, and just all around easy to use.

Doca Pet Dogleg Diner Elevated Dog Bowl

19. Doca Pet Dogleg Diner Elevated Dog Bowl ($98-$188): Feed your pet with this brightly colored, ergonomic trencher. We love that it comes with stainless steel bowls that pop out for quick cleanup.

Hugs Pet Products Better Tether

20. Hugs Pet Products Better Tether ($21): If you’re looking for outdoor pet bowl solutions, use this silicone bowl that screws into the ground, and has a divided dish for both food and water.

What do your pet’s dishes look like? Tell us in the comments!