21 Pet Beds That Won’t Ruin Your Decor
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21 Pet Beds That Won’t Ruin Your Decor

There’s no question that we love our pets. In fact, there’s a pack of dogs who spend their days at Brit HQ. But some of the beds designed for them are down right ugly. Thankfully, there are also plenty of bright, colorful, patterned options available so you don’t have to mar your decor with one that is decidedly less-than-cute. We couldn’t resist adding in a few quirky beds as well, look for a couple of hammocks, and one that looks like a shoe.

1. Outdoor Pet Bed Gray Chevron ($70): The best part of this gray and white chevron bed is that it can be used either inside or outside, so your pet can lounge in comfort wherever they are.

2. Cat Crib ($29): If your cat likes to hide under things, why not let him perch under the dining room chairs? Come to think of it we wouldn’t say no to one of these hammocks either.

3. Firstrax Noztonoz Kookamunga Komfy Kitty Fish Bed ($24): This kitty bed is quite a mouthful! It might be the one time where the fish gets the cat and not the other way around.

4. Doodle Dog Bed (from $90): Complete with a drawing by William Wegman, these plush pet beds are made with Crypton fabric, which is almost completely stain-proof.

5. Energy Pyramid Cat House ($25): Go geometric with this black and white recycled cardboard pyramid. It also includes a corrugated cardboard scratch mat to go inside.

6. West Paw Design Nature Nap Dog Mat ($27): If you’re going the eco-friendly route, choose one of these mats from West Paw Design—their padding is made with 50 percent recycled materials.

7. Personalized Crateware Set (from $40): If you’re still crating your puppy at night, use this set to camouflage the the crate. Plus, you can personalize it with his name.

8. Sleepypod ($180): If you truly want to treat your pet, get them a Sleepypod. Not only is it a bed, it’s also a carrier—perfect for skittish pets who don’t like traveling. They’ll feel right at home in their own bed on the go.

9. The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed ($170): If your home is mod this orb-shaped kitty perch is a must-have. Whiskers has to lounge in style, right?

10. Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Cross Hammock ($160): We think this little lounger is perfect for the back deck or patio. And we’re pretty sure your four-legged friend will agree.

11. Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Bed ($120): Give your pup her very own daybed with this snuggly mini sofa.

12. Silhouette Fill ’Er Up Bed (from $29): This bed helps you stash away old towels and linens you no longer need by using them as stuffing for the bed. You’ll get an insert and can choose the cover that best fits your decor.

13. Unleashed Life Union Jack Dog Bed ($124): For the anglophile pooch, these Union Jack dog beds will be a smash for sure. Of course there’s a patriotic version, too.

14. Sasquatch! Shoe Small Pet Bed ($99): Okay, to be fair, this bed might ruin your decor, but you must admit it’s pretty cute to see your new puppy snuggled up inside a giant Croc.

15. Precision Pet Cat Eye Cat Bed ($53): Give your cat a bed and an activity center all in one with this oval shaped bed. There’s a feathered toy and a scratching mat on top to keep her occupied.

16. James Perse Dog Bed ($900): For the dog who has everything, this teak, hypoallergenic foam bed is the ultimate luxury. And, of course, it’s limited edition.

17. Carolina Pet Company Classic Twill Round-A-Bout Dog Bed (from $60): You can’t go wrong with this classic round bed. Plus, it’s available in several colors and can be personalized with your pup’s name.

18. Jax and Bones Lounge Bed ($103): This plush bed comes in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can find one that matches your living room or den perfectly.

19. Pyara Paws Foldable Pet Bed ($49): For the times when you need to take your pooch on the go, this portable pet bed is just the ticket.

20. pEi Pod With Cushion ($54): This egg-shaped bed nestles anywhere in your home and gives your cat a quiet, enclosed place to hide out.

21. Embroidered Krisna Dog Bed ($98): For the boho pad, get this boho pad for your pooch. You might also be tempted to use it as a floor pillow.

What kind of bed do you have for your pet? Tell us about it in the comments!