We’d do almost anything for our pets, but we’re also always looking for ways to make life a bit easier. Luckily there’s a whole slew of new pet gadgets designed to do just that. From a feeder that allows you to give Fido his dinner remotely, to a light-up collar that makes sure your outdoor cat is visible in the dark, these gadgets are just another way to show your pet you care.


1. Pintofeed ($149): Currently available for pre-order, Pintofeed is a smartphone-enabled pet feeder that allows you to control how much your dog or cat consumes, even when you aren’t there. Unlike most automatic pet feeders where you have to pre-portion the food, Pintofeed keeps everything in a main tank, and you can dispense out a new serving whenever you tell it to. So if you are unexpectedly late from work, you can still make sure your four-legged friend is fed on time. And if you’re out of town, and out of range, you can grant access to a friend or family member. Cat sitting has never been easier!

Pet First Aid App

2. Pet First Aid ($4): What’s the first app every new (or old) pet owner should download? One that will help you keep your pet safe and sound. Pet First Aid covers the health of both your dog and cat, and can help you determine what’s normal and what’s not, and when something is serious enough to make a trip to the emergency vet. In addition to basic info and guidelines on hazardous substances, you can also keep track of your pet’s medical history and vaccinations in the app. That way, in case of emergency, you’ll have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

Halo Mini Collar

3. Halo Mini Illuminated Pet Collars (from $35): Currently in its final days on Kickstarter, Halo Mini collars are rechargeable LED collars to help your pets stay visible when you’re out for your evening walk. A new product from Halo Belt, which makes products for skateboarders, runners, and bikers to stay safe when out at night, the collar is the company’s first foray into pet tech.


4. Whistle ($100): We’ve covered activity trackers in the past, but this is the latest addition to the pack. Along with tracking your pet’s exercise and sleep, you can also compare your pup to other dogs of the same breed, e-mail reports directly to your vet, and set individual milestones to help track Fido’s behavior. Plus, you can connect to the device and view the stats on your smartphone. Whistle is available for pre-order now, and comes with the waterproof, shockproof tracker, a collar attachment, and charger.

Pet Hub

5. PetHub ($8-$20): Yes, Pet ID tags have been around for a while, but these tags now come with QR codes that not only help a good samaritan get your pet safely back to you, but they also provide specific information about your pet. Each QR code goes to a specific page all about your pooch that includes any relevant medical information, or special instructions for the people who find your dog.

Shake Dog Mat

6. Modko Shake: Okay, so this one is actually a decidedly low-tech device, but it was just too brilliant for us not to include. From the makers of the Modkat Litter Box (the prettiest litter box on the market, if you ask us) comes Shake, a design-forward, and eco-friendly answer to those puppy training pads that everyone uses, but no one really wants to deal with. The Shake is plastic mat that can be cleaned quickly and easily with water. Leave it out for your pet to do their business, and when you get home, simply fold it up, fill it with water and cleaning solution, give it a shake, and then empty it out. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The Shake will be available for order in August, but until then, you can enter to win one on their website.

What are your favorite gadgets for your pet? Tell us about them in the comments!