If there鈥檚 one universal struggle the majority of us face while shopping, it鈥檚 finding a fit that鈥檚 just right for you. Bodies don鈥檛 come in the standard sizes that most stores stock their inventory with, so whether you鈥檙e curvy, have a larger bust, or are shorter or taller than the 鈥渁verage鈥 woman, we all face similar challenges. Petite women are often just expected to tailor their clothes to fit, but Stature, a brand-new e-commerce store, feels your pain and has worked to curate collections aimed at 鈥渢he vertically challenged.鈥

Stature was founded by Avani Agarwal and Camille Moroz, two petite ladies who get that buying generic XS or S sizes just don鈥檛 cut it. They鈥檝e worked with independent designers to bring you clothes that are tailor made with smaller frames in mind, so everything from torso length to the armholes to a correct ankle-to-leg ratio has been considered for ladies 5鈥4鈥 and under.

Stature doesn鈥檛 just source already available petite-sized items; they鈥檝e gone the extra step and collaborated with designers to customize some of their best sellers to be 鈥淪ized for Stature鈥 specifically, like the Dusen Dusen Oversize Tee Dress ($302). Their jumpsuits, like the Wray Acacia Jumpsuit ($180), particularly stand out, since petite girls know just how frustrating it can be to find jumpsuits that you aren鈥檛 swimming in. Stature also has a collection of shoes in sizes five and six, which are often not that easy to come by.

The fit guide is especially helpful, with directions on how to measure yourself like a pro to ensure you get the best fit. They鈥檝e also included a portfolio of the models and their specific measurements, so you can get a sense of how measurements translate to the actual clothes. Short ladies, unite!

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(Feature photo via Stature)