Finding a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable, in a style that fits your body and your vibe can be totally daunting. And with the return of one-piece swimwear, a particular set of ladies are experiencing more difficulty than most. Yes, tall girls 鈥 we鈥檙e talking to you. So why is this trend so tricky? From torso to leg openings, we鈥檙e breaking it down and solving the problem at long last, thanks to the experts at Long Tall Sally.

Tall women experience a variety of issues when it comes to finding a well-fitting bathing suit, literally starting at the top. Those with more height can find that standard shoulder to underarm proportion is too short, making for straps that don鈥檛 quite hit the mark and pull/dig in.

The body of the suit has a tendency to be too short as well, because, of course, not every tall woman has model-length legs. If you do have super long stems, you still want to look well-proportioned, and the high-cut 90鈥檚 redux swimsuits out today can feel problematic (and leave you looking like you鈥檙e all legs). The struggle for a great-fitting maillot? It鈥檚 very real.

The folks at tall women鈥檚 e-tailer Long Tall Sally feel your pain. They know that making pieces that work for women 5鈥8鈥 and above isn鈥檛 just about adding inches. In addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories that are all designed proportionally (that includes pocket placement, hems, and hip placement), they offer swimsuits built perfectly for the tall woman鈥檚 body, just in time for beach/pool/lake season. So yes, you can wear a one-piece this summer, like this Illusion Swimsuit ($88).

What makes the swimwear, like this Monochrome Swimsuit ($78), so great? Aside from retailing under $100, Long Tall Sally鈥檚 offerings come with extended shoulder to underarm proportions and a longer body length.

Each one-piece, including this Printed Illusion Swimsuit ($88), also boasts a leg rise cut lower for longer legs, as well as tummy control.

All of that translates into a bathing suit (like the Multi Strap Swimsuit [$78]) that fits well, looks chic, and feels comfortable. Stylish swim that democratizes a trend? Yes. Please.

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