First, channel your inner Maria from The Sound of Music — the original, not the Carrie Underwood version. Now, let’s take it from the top!

Brit + Co. puppies who run ‘round the office,

Futuristic home upgrades that give us true solace!

Apps for appliances make us want to sing…

These are a few of our favorite things!

Well, the two-legged folks over at Petnet found a way to bring some of our favorite things together. Behold: the SmartFeeder, a pet care analytics program that fits in your future home somewhere between the self-stirring sauce pan and Petzila.

The problem Petnet is scratching to solve: we overfeed our pets. And while SmartFeeder may look like just a super stylish pet food dispenser, it does a heck of a lot more. It connects to wireless Internet and uses sensors to measure calorie intake and portion size. You hook it up to your mobile device or computer to track what and how much kibble your pets nibble and it even shows you how your pets sizes up to similar breeds. Think… a WiFi-powered Weight Watchers for Rover and Whiskers.

While the SmartFeeder has us wagging our tails now, it also makes us really excited for what could be next in the world of Jetson-esque pet products. A way to comfort your pup when you’re running late at work? A GPS tracker on an outdoor cat? Hamster jetpacks?! We’re staying tuned.

You can reserve a Petnet Smartfeeder now for $199 before it goes on sale in the spring for $249.

Would you try the Smartfeeder for your chubby pooch or pussycat? And while you’re at it… why don’t you Tweet us a pic of your critter!