Wearable tech continues to blow our minds, from rings that vibrate notifications, a bracelet that shocks you into better habits, and just now, thanks to a new collab on Kickstarter, clothing that reacts to light for a truly trippy piece of fashion. Photochromia pieces change their patterns based on whether they are in shade or sunlight, making for an interactive, ever-changing garment. These pieces bring together science and fashion in a 21st-century way, and we are definitely not mad about it.

Their designs start first on a digital printer — as all good things do these days — and then the UV-reactive ink is screen-printed onto fabric.


By taking wearable tech to the next level with technology actually woven into the threads, Photochromia hopes to help change the face of this ever-growing industry. Imagine the future possibilities… Fitbit shoes, heart rate monitor sports bras, clock tees? We might be getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but this idea could just be the next big thing.


This project was successfully funded, so keep your eye out for these cool garments sometime this year. Each piece is handmade and made-to-order and comes in everything from jogging pants to hats to backpacks to tees. Custom designs are available for those willing to throw down some serious cash; we can’t even begin to imagine what some creative minds could dream up here!

What tech wearable pieces would you like to see? Tell us what you’d dream up in the comments!