We know what you’re thinking. Who actually uses a paper planner anymore? Well, the answer is… us! We pretty much like to use every format of planner possible, so we can make all sorts of lists (and check them twice?!), and so we can brainstorm plans that involve sketches, notes, and more than just typing. Here are 10 we’re considering for 2014 — happy planning! ;)

1. Perfect Mini Planner ($10): This mini planner features a color-blocked exterior and a free form interior. It’s easy to create lists, sketches, and a schedule for each day.

2. Make Space Planner ($22): This planner is dateless, which means you can start it on any day of the year. It does have specific pages dedicated to monthly content, as well as weekly and daily.

3. Silicone Block Planner ($32): It’s like LEGO made a planner! This tome includes helpful conversion charts, subway maps, and other reference materials in the back.

4. Basic Planner ($25): This basic planner includes, you guessed it, all the basics! It’s got a monthly plan, daily plan, yearly check list, and plenty of room for miscellaneous notes. We are particularly into the yearly check list — it’s like a new bucket list for every year.

5. 7 Day Planner ($4): Prefer to just plan things out a week at a time? This 7-day planner is a great desktop mate for keeping to-do lists and the like.

6. The Planner ($28): Behold… The Planner! It’s got 130 daily pages, 26 monthly pages, two yearly pages, and 48 pages for notes.

7. Agenda Planner ($26): This lovely book is open-dated so you can start it whenever you want. It is divided by year, month, week, and also includes a section for notes to record memorable restaurants, movies, books, or exhibitions.

8. Draw Your Tomorrow ($32): I guess open-dated planners are the new jam? This larger form planner is spiral-bound and made for monthly and weekly plans. A pocket on the inside lets you easily stow away cards, receipts, and business cards.

9. Pattern Weekly Planner ($8): Oh, these patterns are just so pretty! This is a straight-up weekly planner, with 52 pages for weekly plans.

10. Light Planner ($19): And finally, keep it light with the light planner! It is dated from October 2013 – December 2014 and is great to use as a planner, or as a scrapbook, diary, or journal.

How do you keep track of all your ideas, plans, and to-dos? Talk to us in the comments below.