Following their awesome Spring #ImNoAngel campaign, Lane Bryant’s latest fashion effort is their campaign #PlusIsEqual, which was first teased when it appeared as the only plus-size ad in the September issue of Vogue this year. #PlusIsEqual officially launched on September 14 and has made all kinds of waves since its debut at New York Fashion Week. This latest campaign by the plus-size retailer is another extremely body positive, on-trend and, frankly, super badass push for bringing plus-size clothing to the forefront of fashion. It starting conversations and breaking conventional beauty standards.

On the #PlusIsEqual site, they state that 67 percent of women in the USA are sizes 14 to 34 but, as evidenced by Vogue, are seriously lacking representation in the media. Lane Bryant’s manifesto behind their latest campaign is that they “believe that all women should be seen and celebrated equally.”


Featuring models Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Sabine Karlsson, the campaign is full of slinky black skirts, faux fur coats, corset tops and body suits. In other words, it’s insanely hot. Model Candice states, “We’re proud, strong, fashion forward, stylish…same as anyone else, with extra curves.” Anyone else get some Bad Blood vibes in this pic?


The campaign also features a site that allows consumers to “place” themselves on a billboard — because it’s just like they said, “everyone deserves to be celebrate” and what better way to celebrate yourself than to “post” your face on a billboard?

Check out the entire video for #PlusIsEqual below.

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(Photos via Lane Bryant)