Beauty standards have shifted drastically throughout history, and along with it, the notion of an ideal body type. According to a deep-diving BuzzFeed video we reported on that depicts the past 3,000 years of perfect female body concepts, we鈥檙e currently living in an age when a Kim Kardashian West-type of figure is most prized, a look where your butt and breasts are large, your thigh gap is visible and your stomach is flat as a board (does your bod hurt just hearing that?). Culturally, that鈥檚 what is considered sexy. But Lane Bryant, one of the most well-known names in plus-size fashion, is out to shatter the notion that any one body type is more desirable than the next with its empowering new campaign branded #ImNoAngel.


Launched today, #ImNoAngel features candid black and white images and videos of models in Lane Bryant鈥檚 Cacique lingerie line being their sexy selves. The girls quip phrases and drop truth bomb-style Qs like, 鈥淚t鈥檚 all about how YOU feel,鈥 鈥淗ow boring would it be if we were all the same?,鈥 and 鈥淚 mean honey, have you seen all this?鈥 with utter confidence even while they鈥檙e wearing next to nothing 鈥 this is the kind of body image inspo we all could use a lot more of.

If Lane Bryant gets its way, you鈥檒l be seeing #ImNoAngel way past spring break and bathing suit season. Besides television slots, magazine pages, billboards on streets and on public transportation reserved to spread the message, Lane Bryant wants *you* to join the movement by snapping a selfie and showing your own idea of sexy. Already, there are hundreds of posts linked to the hashtag on Instagram from both Lane Bryant models and everyday girls alike, and we only expect the numbers to skyrocket from there. 鈥淥ur 鈥#ImNoAngel鈥 campaign is designed to empower ALL women to love every part of herself, said Lane Bryant CEO and President Linda Heasley in a statement. 鈥滾ane Bryant firmly believes that she is sexy and we want to encourage her to confidently show it, in her own way.鈥 Mission = accomplished.

How do you show your version of sexy? Tell us in the comments below.