If you don’t have a pool, chances are you’re mooching off someone else’s. We’re not judging — there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s summer time and it’s hot outside! Just don’t be the person that shows up empty handed. Whether you bring the cocktails, a few cool floats or one of these pool toys, you’ll surely be invited back again. And even if you aren’t technically invited, these water games are so fun it won’t matter!

1. Joust ($30): Use everything you’ve ever learned watching American Gladiators as a kid with a game of pool joust. They also make super cool pool floats.

2. Underwater Skateboard ($24): Now you’ll never miss an opportunity to show off your sweet moves!

3. Aqua Rocker ($50): Since this is basically an inflatable sea-saw, it will provide hours of rockin’ fun for the whole family. And hey, there’s no harm in going solo!

4. Underwater Pogo Stick ($60): Take your underwater tricks to the next level with a pogo stick that will let you bounce off the pool floor and walls. Sweet!

5. Floating Card Table ($38): Just because you’re in the pool doesn’t mean your card game has to end. Besides, sunglasses and a floppy hat are the perfect way to hide your poker face.

6. Water Cannon ($20): Using water from the pool, this is one cannon that will never run out of fire power. You can even close off the reservoir and continue your attack on land.

7. Rock Climbing Wall (price upon request): It’s a rock climbing wall. Come on, do we really need to sell you on this one?

8. Aqua Golf ($45): You may not have a membership to that swanky country club, but with this aqua golf set you’ll sure feel like you do. Plus, you can practice your swing in your very own backyard. Or someone else’s.

9. Port ‘o Pong ($43): This is one game no one minds losing! Are we right, party people?

10. Inflatable Slide ($80): Slides are fun at any age and with this easy inflatable version, they can be fun at any time and any place.

11. Disc Toss Target ($13): A mix between soccer and frisbee, this disc toss game will have you yelling “GOALLLL” all afternoon.

12. Drive and Dive (pricing TBD): This techy pool toy will let you watch and control the action with the swipe of a finger. This underwater exploration device is operated by an app!

13. Ball Dartz ($17): Challenge your friends to a friendly game or have an all-out throwdown. Either way, you’ll swim away feeling like a winner.

14. Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer ($87): No one ever wants to stay and help clean up. But a remote controlled pool skimmer will make it the part you look forward to all day.

15. Underwater Strobe Light ($40): Bring the party with you by transforming any ordinary pool into an instant underwater disco with this waterproof LED light.

16. Motorized Bumper Boat ($80): Zoom through the water or race your friends in these killer bumper boats. It even comes with a water sprayer and can reach speeds of two feet per second. Hang on tight!

17. Water Wheel ($500): Climb in this hamster wheel on water and get the party rolling! Get it?

What is your favorite pool game or toy? Talk to us in the comments!