Earlier this week, we served up a dozen veggie-tastic gourmet campfire recipes perfect for camping season. But what about those of us who want to get fired up but don't have easy access to a campfire? Or maybe your camping trips aren't the only times you crave a little pyromania and the space heater in your non-working fireplace isn't quite doing the trick.

Well, these 5 coffee tables by Planika may not be ready for full-blown cooking experimentation, but they'll certainly add a super cozy vibe to just about any living space. We love the idea of having one of these on a rooftop in SF, in a garden backyard in Brooklyn, or in a ski cabin in Tahoe. These fire tables are definitely on the super luxurious side of the spending spectrum, but too cool not to share.

Fire Jar: We'll start with the most portable of the bunch. Planika's jar of fire is a glass encased fire module set on a concrete base. This was developed with restaurants and bars in mind, but could be a great addition to a roof deck, perhaps in Paris as this gorgeous photo suggests.

Bubble: Next up we have the Bubble, designed by Serge Atallah. This is a totally mobile fireplace designed for city lofts and modern interiors. In describing the positive emotions this fireplace evokes, Planika's site description says "Young, life-oriented people looking for dazzling solutions are those who consider making friends with Bubble." Friendship and fire. Doesn't get better than that. ;)

Coffee Fire Long: The product name on this is a little odd, but this is the Planika table that we immediately fell in love with. We can imagine roasting a few batches of s'mores over the fire while catching up on the latest episode of Modern Family.

Round Small Table: Great for indoor and outdoor spaces alike, this round one has a more industrial look with the combination of glass and linear metal forms. A good one for those cold San Francisco summer nights. (Yes, summer in SF can be pretty darn cold!)

Duo Fire: Care for a little TV with your fire? You might be torn on what blinking image to mindlessly stare at, but this piece definitely presents an interesting juxtaposition. It works with the Fire Line Automatic which is quite literally a line of fire you can place just about anywhere.

What do you think of these fiery coffee tables by Planika? Crazy? Awesome? Totally welcome at restaurants but probably a little too much for the home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And remember, the best way to really get your fix of fire is to head to the nearest campground! :)