Savory, earthy, and almost meaty — it’s strange to think that fungus can be so delicious. But mouthwatering mushroom recipes, including vegetarian brunches and Meatless Monday meals, are all of those things and more. Portobellos, the mature form of the button mushroom, are the best of them all. Their large size lends them to all sorts of dishes, and they have a toothsome texture and powerful kick of umami that make them a great substitute for meat. Work them into your dinner every night of the week with one of these 14 recipes.

1. Grilled Portobellos With Meyer Lemon Spinach Pesto: You’ve never had pesto like this before. It’s made from pureed lemons, Parmesan, and pine nuts, and then paired with sautéed spinach for that classic hit of green. (via Coffee & Quinoa)

2. Herbed Portobellos With Grilled Vegetables: Savory portobello mushrooms are even more packed with umami when filled with melted, nutty Gruyere. Throw in some extra grilled veggies and white beans for an elegant vegetarian entree. (via No Gojis, No Glory)

3. Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas: Plain cheese quesadillas are delicious as it is, but this recipe makes them even more worthy of your dinner table. Grilled veggies are melted between whole grain tortillas for a meal that totally eradicate any cheese cravings. (via Jo Cooks)

4. Grilled Chimichurri Portobello Mushroom Lettuce Wraps: Lettuce wraps are the key to making low-carb dinners that are fun to eat. Use them to scoop up this mixture of chimichurri-marinated portobello mushrooms, along with diced radishes for extra crunch. (via Steph in Thyme)

5. Shrimp and Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms: Congrats; you just stumbled upon the perfect date night recipe featuring fancy veggies, lots of cheese, and succulent seafood. (via Brazilian Flair in the USA)

6. Portobello Steaks With Avocado Chimichurri: Eaten as “steaks” or served on a burger bun, these juicy mushrooms are great on nights when you’re extra hungry. Top them with a fresh and fragrant avocado chimichurri. (via Minimalist Baker)

7. Grilled Asparagus and Portobello Flatbread: Topped with every veggie you can think of, this flatbread pizza is like a healthier take on pizza. Don’t worry, though — it’s still got plenty of cheese. (via The Girl on Bloor)

8. Spicy Chipotle Portobello Burrito Bowl: We always want to eat our burrito filling with a spoon, so this meal cuts out the middle man. Fresh pico de gallo and fragrant cilantro-lime rice round out your bowl. (via The Veg Life)

9. Blackened Portobello Pita Pockets: A custom spice rub gives these portobello mushrooms a great char after some time on the grill. Slip them into a pita with spinach and a handful of shredded cheese. (via Flavor the Moments)

10. Grilled Portobello Mushroom Asparagus Fajitas: A sizzling platter of fajitas is always a treat. Pair them with creamy homemade guacamole for a meal worthy of celebration. (via Flavor the Moments)

11. Caprese Stuffed Garlic Butter Portobellos: Serve this recipe with lots of crusty bread — you’ll want to scoop up every last bite. The cheese melts and melds with the cherry tomatoes, while the meaty mushrooms hold everything together. (via Healthy Harvests)

12. Mojo Marinated Portobello Steaks: A marinade of orange juice, lime juice, and lots of garlic is the secret to this recipe. Its tropical flavors are a standout, whether served with rice, made into sandwiches, or even tossed with pasta. (via Oh My Veggies)

13. Portobello Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burgers: Meaty portobello mushrooms cooked on the grill are a great vegan substitute for beef burgers. Serve them fully loaded, with dairy-free blue cheese and pickled red onions. (via Euphoric Vegan)

14. Grilled Portobello Mushroom Tacos: Taco night is even more satisfying when you skip the box in favor of fresh ingredients like marinated veggies and a quick homemade guacamole. (via Salt & Lavender)

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