Sporting a multi-colored mane is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, y’all. Radiant rainbow colors, jewel tones, and, most recently, Fruity Pebble shades have consistently dominated the hair game, but a daring (and mega talented) colorist might have just upped the ante. Hannah Edelman, owner of Brooklyn-based salon Brush in Hand and a guest artist for PRAVANA, was challenged by the hair color brand to create a head-turning, color explosion of a look using a totally insane amount of dyes. Let’s just say that not only did she accept that challenge — she completely slayed it.

“The PRAVANA team and I wanted to celebrate the brand’s massive 34 shade ChromaSilk Vivids collection, which is more than any other professional line,” Edelman tells Brit + Co. The impressive amount of colors made for an exciting but complex challenge for Edelman, but the variety kept the process creative and fun. “I had a huge arsenal of pastels, original vivids, metallics, neons, and everything in between to play with,” she says. Check out the video below to see the full process.

If you’re ready to jump on the rainbow hair trend and rock a look with sunny yellows, perky pinks, sky blues, and grassy greens like this, keep in mind a few key tips from Edelman. Before you start your hair dye journey, it’s important to begin with a blonde base, she says. That way, the true pigments can really shine through without appearing muted. After your strands are saturated in their rainbow dyes, it’s all about maintenance. “Wash your hair as infrequently as possible and become good friends with your dry shampoo,” she recommends. “When the washing time does come, make sure you’re using cold water, a color friendly shampoo, and deep conditioner.” Most importantly, though, get ready to fully own your new look. “Prepare to be the center of attention,” Edelman says. “Because this look is seriously head-turning.”

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(Photos via PRAVANA)