There is one day in your life when you want a photographer in your face (literally) from the moment you wake up until the clock strikes midnight, and that day is your wedding day. Aside from the traditional pictures during the ceremony and reception, there are so many memorable moments to capture before the first guest even arrives. Since we don’t want to add one more item to your overflowing wedding to-do list, we did all the pre-wedding photo research for ya. All you have to do is bookmark these ideas for your photographer and move on to your next task ;)


1. Champagne Toast: If there was ever an occasion that calls for bubbly, this is it. We love how this shot is captured in such a bright, casual setting. (via Je T’aime Beauty)

group shot

2. Casual Group Shot: Getting ready with your favorite girls is like one big sleepover, and you’ll want to capture it. The best part is that instead of staying up all night talking about the boy you have a crush on, you get to marry him. (via Laura Marchbanks)

dad and groom

3. The Groom and Dad: You won’t regret sending the photographer to check on the groom, because they’re sure to capture the perfect father-son moment. We can’t even deal with how sweet this is. (via W&E Photo Graphie)

photo with mom

4. Mother of the Bride: You’ll have plenty of time for formal pictures with your mom, but we love the idea of getting a more personal shot before all of the commotion begins. (via Julie Roberts)

dad shot

5. Father of the Bride: He was the first man in your life, and there is something absolutely perfect about capturing those sweet moments before he walks you down the aisle. BRB, we’re just going to put Father of the Bride in to watch. (via Jay Pankhania)

game men

6. Boys Will Be Boys: It’s never fair that the guys can get ready in half the time, but use that your advantage to capture a shot of them in their natural element. (via erdbeerwald)


7. DIY Touch: We’re always down for a little DIY bridal action. We love this idea of using chalkboards to showcase how the bridal party is connected. (via Katy Hall Photography)

fairy tale shoe

8. Shoe Shot: A simple shot of the shoes is the perfect way to remember the entire day as your own Cinderella moment. (via Carrie Rodman)

bride in car

9. In the Car: Those final moments are some of the most reflective, and create gorgeous candid shots. (via Rylee Hitchner)


10. Pre-Reveal: We can already picture this one framed. Isn’t it amazing how much emotion can come from such a simple photo of hands? (via Melissa Young Photography)

bride happy

11. Pure Joy: It’s your WEDDING DAY. Don’t forget to get a photo of your overwhelming bliss. (via Flix Photography)

flower girl

12. Flower Girl: This one barely needs words to describe how perfect it is. Okay, we would accept the addition of a puppy. (via Sharalee Prang Photography)

What are your can’t-miss photos before the ceremony? Tell us in the comments!