You’ll take a lot of pictures on your wedding day, but we know you want more than just ceremony shots and staged family portraits to commemorate the big event. Whether it’s right before or after the ceremony, make sure you grab your partner and take some photos before your smiles become frozen to your face. Check out these 16 ideas for some informal shots that the two of you will treasure forever.


1. Get Cheesy: Bet you’d never think of taking a portrait inside a cheesy tourist shop. But if that is where you met or shared a special memory, make it a part of your big day. (via Heather Waraksa)

Andy & Yoko // Married in Tulum

2. First Look: One of the portraits that always makes us tear up is the “first look” pose. If you’re taking portraits before the ceremony, schedule a private moment for just the two of you to see each other all dressed up for the first time. (via Andria Lindquist)


3. Pattern Love: Find a fun wall and lean against it. Whether it’s a bright color or a creative pattern, you’ll look great posing against such an unusual backdrop. (via Ellie Koleen Photography)


4. Urban Jungle: If you’ve got a cityscape, use it. A portrait set against the city backdrop will always look stunning… especially if you’ve got the wind (or a fan) helping you out. (via Bayly & Moore)

Jared & Shelby // © Andria Lindquist 2014

5. Bottom Half: We know you spent months picking out those shoes, so why not give them a special moment? Standing on the stairs with a love pun is pretty cool too. (via Andria Lindquist)


6. Reception Dress: If you’re wearing a different dress for the reception, make sure it gets just as much love as your wedding dress. (via Meg Perotti)


7. Funny Props: Take an unusual wall shot and elevate it by adding some fun props. We’re big fans of these pink flamingos. (via Matt Parry)


8. Getaway Car: Is he super proud of the car he’s taking to the wedding? Let him show it off with a portrait that’s sure to make him smile. (via Andria Lindquist)


9. The Elopement: It’s all about what feels right for you as a couple, so if you want to get married in a greenhouse, that’s awesome. It’s actually pretty brilliant, because then you don’t have to pay for any of the flowers. (via Our Love is Loud)


10. Candid Moments: Yes, the posed photos will be gorgeous, but sometimes the candid shots will be among your favorites. Or you can include your furry friends at the wedding itself. (via Pat Furey Photography)


11. Post Ceremony: There are still some great photo ops during the reception, especially if you’re doing a lantern lighting. (via J Wilkinson Co)


12. Step Back: Sometimes you need a moment to catch your breath. Just because it’s a private moment doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a beautifully intimate portrait together. (via Pedro Bellido)


13. Share the Moment: If you’re not shy, head to a pretty park and kiss under a bridge while the locals cheer you on. (via Ein Photography)


14. Destination Wedding: For those of you lucky enough to be somewhere exotic, take a stroll down a marketplace for some amazing portraits full of local colors and scenes. (via Emma & Clau)


15. Pops of Color: Resist the urge to take off for your honeymoon early and get a few portraits in front of that old car you may never see again. (via Ben Yew Photography)


16. Beautiful Doorways: Sometimes the simplest background is the best. An arched doorway lends the perfect natural frame for a close-up portrait. (via Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne)

What is your favorite portrait pose from your wedding? Share your experiences in the comments below!