All you wanted was a coffee from the break room, but now, you’re wandering around the network of cubicles at your office trying to find a way back to your desk. No, this isn’t your company’s cruel plan to create a maze that no pregnant woman could legitimately solve — you’ve got pregnancy brain. You’re in a perpetual haze that makes you feel more like a zombie straight out of The Walking Dead than a super-smart employee. Give yourself a break, lady! You got this. Read on for five tips for working through the fogginess at the office.

1. Write down everything. Your boss just rattled off a good five or six things she wants you to do today. Don’t count on your mama brain to remember all of them. Sure, you can keep one item or activity in your head right now — but several? Probably not. Keep a notepad nearby (or use your phone’s note app) to jot down anything you need to remember.

2. Set your alarm. No, not to wake up — even though that might also be helpful during the first trimester when you just can’t keep your eyes open. Set your phone’s alarm to alert you of scheduling points during the day. Let’s say you have a staff meeting at 10am, a conference call at 1pm, and a report due to your big boss at 3:30pm. Chances are you’ll forget at least one of those very important events. That blaring alarm will let you know that it’s time to move on your to-dos, like right away.

3. Focus on one thing. You’re a stellar multitasker, and you’re totally proud of it. Your ability to handle multiple work-related tasks at one time is at the very top of the skills section on your resume, and you sometimes brag about the time you answered 47 emails, texted two coworkers, and finalized a marketing plan all at the same time. Now that you’re preggo, your mommy brain will barely let you focus on one task at a time. So, do just that. Take things one step at a time, and complete each to-do before moving on to the next one.

4. Give yourself a break. No mama is superwoman all of the time. Ease off on your self-expectations, and just take a break. Get some fresh air or simply step away from your desk for a few moments. This is an easy way to reset, refresh your mental state, and get back your concentration.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. You’re exhausted 24/7, and that’s not making your pregnancy brain any less foggy. You could stay up late catching up on work — or you could go to bed early, get plenty of rest, and actually feel recharged in the morning. Even though that well-rested feeling might not stick with you the entire day, it’ll give you at least a few hours of clear thinking.

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