Your time as a maternity-leave mom is ticking away. It鈥檚 time to go back to work and you鈥檙e uber-excited about getting to be a grown-up again. That said, the tears are already welling up when it comes to parting ways and you鈥檙e scrambling to build a realistic picture of work-life balance. The first day away is almost here and you鈥檙e worried that some serious separation anxiety is right around the corner 鈥 both hers and yours.聽Stop some of the 鈥淚鈥檓 going back to work and don鈥檛 know if I can be away from my little one without freaking out鈥 stress with a few of these simple strategies.

Showering him with kisses

1. Use technology.聽Your smartphone is already your BFF, so keep the tech-love going. Ask your daycare center鈥檚 staff, the nanny or whoever else is watching your child to help you out and send you a text, email or quick pic every so often. You鈥檒l feel better about leaving your mini-me if you know what she鈥檚 doing during her day. But try to avoid the temptation of jumping onto a video chat (or even a regular old-school call); seeing you/hearing your voice may disrupt your child鈥檚 day or bring back her separation anxiety.

2. Pin it.聽Okay, so you aren鈥檛 exactly going to 鈥減in鈥 pictures of your child onto a major social media site. But, you can create your own virtual 鈥減in board鈥 right on your phone or tablet. Create cute photo collages of your child, and sneak a peek during your work day. Add pics of your baby鈥檚 first day home, her smiling face or her cuddling up with the family pet. Keep in mind, you don鈥檛 always have to use pictures that you鈥檝e already taken. Set up a mommy-tot photo session at home before going back to work. Pick out cute costumes and have your spouse, a friend or grandma act as photographer.

3. Do a practice run.聽You have 10 days until your first day back. It鈥檚 no surprise that you want to spend every last second with your child. You鈥檙e taking her for strolls, visiting the park and snuggling up with her (or at least, your) favorite picture book. Yes, it鈥檚 perfectly understandable that you want to glue yourself to your tot in these last few work-free days. But, doing a pre-workday dry run can take some of the pressure off when the big day arrives. Take a morning to pre-create your soon-to-be on the job schedule. Have the nanny come over or take your child to a family member鈥檚 house for a few hours to simulate daycare.

4. Start slow.聽 So, you鈥檙e taking a morning out to do the practice run-through. It鈥檚 all going swell for the first 30 minutes. And, then 鈥 well, then it hits you. You鈥檙e away from your child and you鈥檙e getting cold feet about this whole work thing. Don鈥檛 worry. No one expects you to stay emotion-free and conquer your back-to-work worries immediately. If you鈥檙e not ready to dive in right away, start with 15 minutes away from your little one. Add on to your 鈥渁way time鈥 each day until you eventually build up to half a day. When you鈥檝e gotten that far, keep going until you get to your first full day of work.

5. Put it into perspective.聽That is, put it into your child鈥檚 perspective. Even if she鈥檚 only a few months old, your child knows when you鈥檙e not around. All of the starting slow, practice runs and photo fun are part of her pre-return to work ritual too. Brainstorm a few ideas that will ease your child鈥檚 worries or woes. This might include making her a photo collage (a real-world paper one that she can take with her), reading a special before-work-only book every day or penning your own mommy-and-me song!

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